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  • James32

    Wasteland Patchnotes (Major Update)

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  • Unit_3397    708
    On 8/24/2018 at 3:42 PM, James32 said:
    • Added -Several new vehicles to the store (rocket variants of 4WD/Offroad and a couple more)

    oh yeah baby, @Nova this your work shining its light?  😉

    gotta find de time to check this out!

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    jacob potty    61

    Wasteland Stratis Minor UPDATE
    In the event of any catastrophic errors or problems on initial release, we may revert back to the previous version.

    Please let me know how the update effects your performance


    • Added -  new town in the middle of the map called Central
    • Added -  A small capture area at the very north side of the map called Kill Farm Bay
    • Added -  Placed an ATM at Kill Farm Bay
    • Tweak -  Position of the gun store Ai at Rogain and LZ Connor
    • Tweak -  Changed the price for the armed  V-44 X Black Fish and Y-32 XI'an
    • Tweak -  changed position of the repair truck at Strogos Bay
    • Tweak -  The spawn rate of water based  AI missions
    • Tweak -  Changed the team balance script to +5
    • Fixed -  Abandoned jet mission spawning on base parts from old missions
    • Fixed -  Kamino Vehicle store blowing vehicles up
    • Deleted - The ATM at south side of airfield

    This is one of the first couple of updates coming out soon. We are planning to add more air and group vehicles to the token store along with other minor stuff.

    If you have any suggestion for the next update to the server don't hesitate to make a suggestion post or message one of the WL staff your ideas.

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