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  • jacob potty

    Community Input Into Improving Wasteland

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    jacob potty    61

    Hello SG community

    With the successful revival of the wasteland server we are looking for ways to make it bigger and better for everyone. We know of how important you all are to keeping the server rising and that is why we are looking to you for your thoughts and ideas on ways to help improve the server, it can be anything from map changes, events and promotional ideas. Just post a comment below with suggestion and ideas for the Wasteland server, Every suggestion/idea will be taken to a meeting where we will discuss and try our best to implement as many ideas as possible.

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  • Rezah    87

    Alright since last time I played wasteland there is a lot of changes etc one thing I found very annoying the fact the hotkey for the player menu was the "`" symbol key next to the one I found that annoying since on Altis life player menu is y and I just found that confusing and annoying considering I had to change my mic key which was annoying also heard a lot of Malden wouldn't mind an update to change map would be nice but either way server is still very pleasing and nice to play.

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    Invictiis    202

    Removal of thermals on quadcopters (darters) Tbh I use them to great effectiveness and gives me enemy awareness beyond what should be allowed. Literally increases a small groups performance by a factor of 3-4 to a point where its more likely theyll kill the entire server than the server killing them. 

    It would be beneficial to everyone if we all relied on visual awareness and tactics to detect enemies than searching for white dots from drones 3kms away at a 1.5km altitude (AGL). If u suggest fresh spawns can buy super cheap anti-thermal gear, thats where the population dies off cause most new players dont know that and rage dc due to dying to full kit rambo players. The server should prioritise fresh spawns more than anyone as they will be the future of the server. Give new players a fighting chance to live long enough to be able to kill experienced players.

    If people want to play drone simulator, they can spawn AI into Eden editor and have a blast killing mindless ants.

    @James32, @jacob potty, @Nunny

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    Invictiis    202

    Other improvements:

    - Opfor & Blufor team balancing. At the time of writing this there are legit 15 v 0 opfor to blufor.

    -Reposition south gunstore pls, its positioned between 4 elevated planes which makes it a kill farm

    -Allow for token vehicles to be purchased at carrier (allows for other factions to gain power, as opfor has always held control of Airfield)

    -Postion carrier further from land at least 1km away (AT and AA camping of carrier makes in useless and allows for tanks on carrier to strike spawn locations) 

    - Make central great again!? Its long overdue, and its always been a favourite. Pls give it more favela feel than bob the builder's construction site feel.

    - Captured zones should reset to neutral after 2 rewards to avoid people farming indefinetly. Ive seen 5 opfor just capturing zones after restart and idling cause they knw theyre raking in that cash $$. Its absurd and requires no skill. These are usually the same players who then process to use spawn camping strats to earn a killcount. Scum of the earth. :triggered:

    - Kill farm should be a focus point, maybe make it more important.

    @James32, @jacob potty, @Nunny


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    Jereleet    21

    These are changes that I have discussed with both Opfor and Blufor players. And almost all of them agree.

    I'd like to put forward a few suggestions in terms of the Token economy.
    In that I would like to see it expanded.
    Specifically in terms of starting gear upgrades.

    At the moment we only have 1 option for weapons and armour.
    Improved Spawn Gun - Sting 9mm - 40 tokens
    Improved Spawn Armour - lvl 3 vest and helmet - 25 tokens (if memory serves)

    For arguments sake, lets call that tier 3.
    Imagine a tier 2 and tier 1 upgrade, that is cheaper on tokens, but adds less of an advantage (though still more of an advantage than fresh spawn gear).

    For example, Tier 1 and 2 could be:

     Improved Spawn Gun - Zubr - for 10 tokens
     Improved Spawn Gun - PDW - for 20 tokens

    In terms of armour Tier 1 and 2 could be:
    Improved Spawn Armour - EGB harness and lvl 1 helmet - 8 tokens
    Improved Spawn Armour - press vest or whatever vest is appropriate and lvl 2 helmet - 15 tokens

    I see this as having many benefits:
    - It makes token gear upgrades accessible to a much wider range of players, without  diminishing the superiority of the upgrades that hardcore players have already invested in.
    - Once players have invested in permanent upgrades, it ties them to the server more.
    - It also gives potentially casual players something to aim for, as opposed to the largely unobtainable 40 token sting and 25 token armour.
    - It will provide variety on the battlefield as opposed to everyone just running around in either fresh spawn gear or full lvl 5 armour kit/ghillies.
    - It will ensure that some of the lesser used weapons and armour items in the game actually see some use.
    - In cases where new players are spawning in without a gun (which is still prevalent), it gives them an option to overcome that glitch using in game attainable token purchases, thereby reducing the pressure on Jacob to find and fix every single individual.
    - It adds more customizability (not a word) to the server.


    I don't really care at all what the actual items are per tier, happy for that to be discussed. I was just using those items as an example. This is more for the suggestion of an introduction of tiers.

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