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  • Fitz

    I&A: Apex Edition

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    Fitz    1041


    Main change here is a fix for the transport leaderboards and an easier to use 'Treat' action.


    • Added [Shift]+[Click] option to TP from main spawn to Side base (as suggested here).
      • Works exactly the same as the Kavala/Georgetown mission one: you must be at base to use it, not in a vehicle, not incapacitated, not carrying anyone, etc.
    • Changed Tanoa server to Tanoa Classic only.
      • Malden still kept up to date so it can be loaded at any time, if anyone wants.
    • Removed old base defence walls.
    • Couple of minor fixes.

    Official changelog:


    1.1.2 (A3 1.84 13/10/2018)

    - [TWEAKED] Defend mission for increased enemy aggression.
    - [TWEAKED] Vanilla "Treat" user action to increase usability.
    - [TWEAKED] AI groups will select a new leader faster, if their group leader is killed or incapacitated.
    - [TWEAKED] Relying more on the object recycling system instead of object creating/deleting. (WIP).
    - [TWEAKED] Frag grenades will no longer delete if the thrower is the only friendly player nearby.
    - [TWEAKED] Less anti-tank soldiers during Escort Truck side mission.
    - [TWEAKED] Transport leaderboard network traffic optimized.
    - [FIXED] Player could deploy bipod while incapacitated (breaking wounded animation).
    - [FIXED] Transport leaderboard (broken in 1.1.1).


    Report any bugs you find on the bug tracker.

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  • Fitz    1041


    This update is mainly bug fixes and small tweaks.


    • Added BTR-K Kamysh with NATO-ish skin to APC spawn rotation.
    • Added BTR-K Kamysh supporter skin to Area 51.
    • Nearest medic (within 500m) is now shown when carrying/dragging someone.
    • Added the weekly Top 3 Pilots and Medics to the I&A Discord Live Feed channel. Altis/Tanoa will post something like this every Monday at ~12am:image.png.e802036582c28e245aa33f027e41b996.png
    • Reduced mission file size.
    • Added CAS variant Black Wasp to highest CAS pool. (Loadout subject to change)
    • Fixed Snipers/Autoriflemen being unable to use the SDAR.
    • Fixed 'Open Parachute' option showing while fast-roping.
    • Fixed base-only Bobcat not respawning when taken outside base.
    • Adjusted T-140 spawn position to fix this.
    • Adjusted Gorgon spawn chance.
    • Fast-rope enable/disable hotkey (Tab) no longer activated when Alt key is pressed at the same time.
    • Added/changed some chat message tips.
    • Tweaked some Robocop stuff.
    • Fixed bug with new Treat player action (Quiksilver).


    Report any bugs you find on the bug tracker.

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    webbie    81
    43 minutes ago, TailGunner said:

    When we join the server and are first loaded into the map - we die instantly - seems like we're falling and hitting the ground

    @Fitz I noticed this after patch as well only on initial join

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