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    Steam Profile

    Found 5 results

    1. webbie

      If Straya was to host an ExileMod server would you be interested in survival gameplay
    2. Hello Soldiers, As apart of Straya's Halloween Giveaways and Events, I & A will be hosting a couple of Zeus missions which will earn you entries in the draw for the giveaways. (Link Below) For everyone that participates they will get one entry to the draws. I will be doing 2 events. Thursday 25th October, 19:00 AEST Invade and Annex Altis Enduro Friday 26th October, 19:00 AEST Invade & Annex Altis “Kill the webbie” Objective: Kill Webbie. Enemy Forces will be present. Rules and further Information here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1B9bEQl3FQKicZitaTgu2qAuPj2_9aEnrzWUsLxV4CyE/edit?usp=sharing Straya Gaming Halloween Giveaway https://strayagaming.com.au/topic/20337-halloween-giveaway/ @Fitz @Fusionable
    3. IGN: Orange Pearl Player ID: 76561198083833531 Player itself:(Including Licenses+Prof) https://youtu.be/3CJTX0ajMFk - 1:09:19 Money:(All Money will be transferred): https://youtu.be/3CJTX0ajMFk - 1:09:19 Vehicles(All Money Will be transferred): https://youtu.be/3CJTX0ajMFk - 1:12:30 Extra Information: The information i provided may not be the latest, but it is my latest proof of all my goods.
    4. vortex1018

      I don't have access to a constant log of numbers on servers. But it seems like I&A needs more slots
    5. Roger Purple

      Dear Altis life Community, Due to the increasing signup on our forums within our community that only a couple months ago we just reached 2000 members, now we are nearly at 3000 members, which is fantastic and we wanted to thank you all for being apart of the Strayagaming community! We are aiming to increase our donations with your continued support, and to purchase another dedicated server to give back to our Altis Life community. As the previous one we purchased for our Altis Life server from wombat did not meet our community requirements with its DDoS protection causing us to revert back to the old server at Streamline after the first few days which we did to keep the game running as smooth as possible with good protection from hackers. Now with all that wrapped up, the server will be going for $300 a Month, so we would need to start boost donations, and I for 1 will be popping some donations as its due. if any suggestions in a way of boosting donations, leave below. We will also be bringing extra slots to the server, increasing gangs by 5 members per gang, Database will be hosted locally for improved performance. Specifications of the server: Intel E3 1270v5 3.6GHz (Turbo 4GHz) 16GB DDR3 ECC 480GB SSD Gigabit connection Thanks team and all the supporters! Lets make this climb from #2 to #1 together!
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