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    1. Jay

      lol who r u again?
    2. Name: Jay Callsign: S17E Training Completed By: Uncompleted Why do you deserve a promotion? I have dedicated hours to the APD and looking to help out as much as possible, as a Snr Sgt i will be able to complete loads of training which I love to do in my spare time. I strive to be a leader within the APD, making sure everyone has a fun time and stays safe. Who would recommend you for a promotion? MBolt5 and Jdawgs @Corey.
    3. Jay

      Damn, one of the few people left from day 1. Gonna miss you bro, all the best for the future
    4. Jay

      yes, yes and no theres a reason ive been given a vacuum and broom
    5. Jay

      lul noice community rep noob...

      miss seeing your ugly face around here bro, hopefully our paths cross again in the future 😟 

    6. Jay

      Current westpac is good, it be nice to see the 'new fed' that didnt end up staying fed turned into a robbery of some sort, whether that'd be a gun, y-item or cash robbery is up for debate.
    7. Jay

    8. Jay

      miss you dad, hope all is well, jump on again sometime
    9. Jay

      nah, try another sg rust server hosted and managed by yours truely, brodie - ex-rust mod jay
    10. Jay

      are we likely to see more forum awards coming in the near future? could really do with some more and lets be honest, we can forget this award as long as cops can read the name about your head
    11. Name: Jay Feare Callsign: [K24W] Training Completed By: Unknown List all Pub Slot Inductions you have done: N/A Why do you deserve a promotion? (50 Words min) I deserve a promotion because ive been an active member of the police force for years and know everything there is to know about cop. Ive been a snr constable for months and want to be able to take on more responsibility. As as sgt I believe I can benefit the cop force more than I can as a snr constable. Who would recommend you for a promotion? N/A
    12. Jay

      Goon Squad lineup: - Jay - Rhys Beckett - Marchedpack87 - Wallzy - Malik.S We'd like to take on the kids in the post above us first so we can guarantee we'll make it to the second round
    13. Jay

      we dont do it ourselves because no one can be f*cked making the journey down there to get shot and have to do the 10km journey again, the casual players commonly labeled as "trolls" are here for one reason, to rob people in Sydney, not make 10km hikes each time they want to rob someone and I cant see any "trolls" going to the effort to buy houses so they can spawn there either. honestly not a bad idea, just far to impractical.
    14. Jay

      The crafting system needs to be brought back but needs to be a quicker process. I reckon craftable T5 guns, T5 vests and depending on peoples thoughts maybe silencers. Simply put, remove restrictions on what guns can be obtained on the server through crafting.
    15. Jay

      Theres somethings you just dont do, one being, breaking the morning truce
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