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    1. Milkdud

      can we cut out this back and forward bitching about each other. that is not what this post is for.
    2. Milkdud

      @Jewbacca The reason i decided that no officers will be punished is because i am focusing on the APD changing the way we handle things. But we have revised some of the situations that have happened and punishments will be handed out for protocol breaches. thank you for your feedback this will help the commissioners and command team in our upcoming meeting.
    3. Milkdud

      here are some videos i have collected https://gyazo.com/59a121172192f1446a6bb19195a3d5be https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipMgAz4NBkzRAN3Ka6qsaEOk_yyZeKE4MYh2kAFoLG5oRuNKCixe77JV1tHnmr0MOw/photo/AF1QipOhJQ7-LC3Lin6AT0ZNiMzN1o8eWeqbpJDCARpr?key=SVZFdEtuM0V0SWJKaW5lYmU0NzRGcVNfa09hQ0t3 https://youtu.be/YMykJNXXd0Q https://plays.tv/video/5a6adfc7d9520b9a62/straya-day-genocide the police officers in this video will not be punished, but the APD need to change their approach to people in SYD @LuckyB33f, @Red, @Lotza
    4. Milkdud

      As many of you guys know I am A deputy commissioner in the APD and in the past couple days i have been playing on civ to gain a different perspective on the server, During my time playing i happened to notice a whole lot of complaining about civs getting killed by cops. After further investigation I realized that the complaints are valid and the police officers were indeed gunning down civilians. They will have their defense that the civs are getting killed in the crossfire but when you are opening up on an open area full of civs with lethals of course you will kill people in the crossfire, bare in mind all these civs have are 9mm pistols and the cops are using mx sw 100 round mags. i dont think it is very fair that we have cops sitting up on an office building with 100 round mags spraying at big groups of civs in hope that they take down the one person they were aiming for. And the approach the police made has made me very dissapointed. Instead of me just going up into the channel and ripping into all the police officers for moving down civs i choose to keep it in role play and offered the police department a choice. Go on trial and acknowledge the wrongs they have done and make change, or A civilian takeover. During our march to protest the way the police have been acting SRT got called and our group got flooded with flash bangs followed by executions of unarmed civs. I am putting this discussion in for people to voice their experiences that they have had so myself, @Mitch and the rest of the cabinet and command team can help make people enjoy playing on the server.I encourage people envolved with this protest to post their videos and for everyone to voice their opinion. If the civilian people don't get a trial where the APD own up to their mistakes I will continue to rally the entire civilian population and do a revolution where we will take over sydney and force the police to go gun down civilians somewhere else.
    5. Milkdud

      Honestly i think the extra week is a very reasonable and fair punishment. When told to use tasers rifles for a week we expect people to follow those orders, it is basic discipline and breaking given orders is showing how capable you are at following orders. The extra week will stand, This means ONLY taser rifles on GD The only exception Is if a FED gets robbed and as soon as it is over you must hand the weapon in to the commanding officer. Failure to follow these simple instructions will result in more harsh punishments but i hope what i have said will get the message through. Everybody has had to go through the 1 week taser period and the same or even worse punishment gets passed out when they do not obey.
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