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    1. Fusionable

      thats not arma 3 being arma 3 thats a bad server. also nice job killing an unarmed civ...
    2. Fusionable

      The stream has ended, Thank you and congratulations to all participants here are our winners; $25 Steam Gift Card - DogofWar, @Dogofwar $10 Steam Gift Card - marcus232, @Marcus $10 Steam Gift Card - Chadd, @Chadd $10 Steam Gift Card - Zed, @Eagle
    3. Fusionable

      The Halloween Steam Gift Card will be drawn shortly through the StrayaGaming Youtube channel on a livestream; Tune in and watch live the drawn winners of the three $10 Steam Gift Cards and the $25 Steam Gift Card. There will be two separate draws, one for the $25 Card and one for the three $10 Cards, if you win one of the cards in a draw you will be taken out of the draw. eg. If you win a $10 Card you may not win another $10 Card although you can win the $25 Card as it is in another draw. Winners will be contacted on the forums with instructions on how to redeem gift cards. Thank you to all participants that where involved in the events and all staff members that gave a hand towards the production and assistance in events.
    4. Fusionable

      Accepted Channel created and spoken to.
    5. Fusionable

      @Nuu Rushean little cheeky bugger twisting my words at that event
    6. Fusionable

      Halloween Teaser Video Here is a quick video showing you some key clues and hints as to upcoming events and activity amongst the community in the coming days; Huge thanks to @DJ_JoozBrorg for producing, editing and assisting in the production of this video and upcoming events Stay tuned for further details.
    7. Fusionable

      Accepted Teamspeak channel created.
    8. Fusionable

      Over the upcoming days you may begin to see the pumpkins rolling around and cobwebs growing around the streets of Altis, this all in celebration of Halloween. Halloween is near and to celebrate StrayaGaming are hosting events, giveaways and community relations all packed into 1 whole week. Detailed Calendar: https://goo.gl/Nsd4ij Happy Halloween and hope to see all of you involved! Massive thanks to @DJ_JoozBrorg, @webbie and the other community members that played a large part and deserve credit for their amazing work. Some event details and times may vary dependent on staff availability.
    9. Fusionable

      Thank you for replying to this, if you show further interest in creating this gang again place another application in.
    10. Fusionable

      Welcome! To celebrate Halloween this year there will be a collection of events and community relations that will be occurring throughout the coming weeks you can find further information on this HERE. To kick off this period we have 4 Steam Gift Cards: 1X $25 3X $10 How do I win? Each event you participate throughout this Halloween Week will count as 1 entry to the giveaway, meaning the more events you are involved in the higher chance you will have to win one of these gift cards. All participants for each event will be recorded down and added to the final draw. Giveaway will be drawn on the 31st of October after the final event. This giveaway is open to all members of the community Good luck to all participants! Extra Information: The reason this was the approach to the giveaway entries is to include all servers but also encourage participation and involvement from cross-server events Each person that participates in an event will be accounted for 1 entry per event for the giveaway draw. If you are interested in any other active giveaways visit this link for further information on @DJ_JoozBrorg's giveaway and how to enter. If you have any further suggestions or additions for future events or giveaways please contact @Fusionable or any other community team member.
    11. Fusionable

      Accepted Teamspeak channel created
    12. Fusionable

      Denied You are required to have 4+ members to create a formal/official gang.
    13. Fusionable

      Pending @Jewbacca Please come speak to myself regarding more information on your gang application
    14. Fusionable

      @ClazoMan If you are still interested in forming this gang, please react thumbs up or thumbs down dependent on your decision.
    15. Fusionable

      Pending @Hontas Please come speak to myself regarding more information on your gang application
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