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    1. Chadd

      u are all randos
    2. Chadd

      @Nova hmu if u wanna go kill all the nerds
    3. Chadd

      Cya pussy
    4. Chadd

    5. Chadd

      yeah bro need some epic skins him me up in teh dms
    6. Chadd

      Move Jail back to near syd area imo but this would bring something new to the PD i like it
    7. Chadd

      +1 perfect example on what a GD cop should look up to and follow.
    8. Chadd

      Westpack is already overplayed SRT is kinda bored of it would love to see new things to rob that are not banks like weapon caches or pirate gold on a oil rig new tings.
    9. Chadd

      who are you
    10. Chadd

      mmm yes lots of editing in here odd flex but yeehaw
    11. Chadd

      Can we get a yeehaw shirt
    12. Chadd

      I mean @Jake. is back hmu if u want good capture points made...
    13. Chadd

      Yo this shit getting done?
    14. Chadd

      Kill box

      Perhaps add a box to where you see fit, maybe on the top right of your screen when you get a kill with the following information: You incapacitated! Player: %NAME Distance: %DISTANCE Weapon: %WEAPON And if you get killed, the same box, appears but with this information: You Were incapacitated! (or whatever word you pick, same as before). Player: %NAME Weapon: %WEAPON The reason why it doesn't have distance for if you get shot is so you can't metagame their distance and tell your friends on TS, etc. Hope you consider it!
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