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    1. webbie

      Well for Xmas day I'm intending doing Xmas day races for all the rejects if your around. This one will be for a steam card but it's a draw from participant's
    2. webbie

      I don't think you need to be that far away, also depends on the difficulty level. The easy ones will struggle to hit you at 50m
    3. webbie

      Thx @pkisbest @Humaine Sorry mate I've been a bit to busy to do all my usual mass advertising. It is listed in the Xmas post on the forums. Theirs another one on Sunday this week. Discord and forums is usually where you will get the heads up
    4. We had our first xmas event for 2018. The event was: 1vs1 knockout races where players raced each other around a track to knock each other out of competition. The following were the participants. Crag_r 76561198008720905 BigRed1 76561197997075494 Yeet 76561198359493926 [101st] Lukie Walker 76561198263456964 Auschwistic 76561198139846672 Damit 76561197985310187 Mann 76561198019609787 Matsozetex 76561198192272161 ParakeetOfWar 76561198167068009 Rascaljay 76561198138980950 Apache_404 76561198072024713 PFC Racoon 76561198798494438 pkisbest 76561198078903168 The Overall winner was @Mann who displayed some stellar driving. Some Basic overviews: Prelims 2 Laps Crag vs Bigred - big red - crag neck and neck at finish lost on last corner yeet vs lukie - yeet - lukie died in vehicle Auschwistic vs damit - damit - Auschwistic cut corner hit building neck and neck mann vs parakeet - mann - parakeet caught out on the first tight corner matso vs apache - apache - matso had lead but due to huge corner cut at hairpin received 50 m penalty rascal vs racoon - rascal - took lead in last turn after a confusion in the final turn for town Semi- Finals 3 Laps bigred vs yeet vs damit - bigred mann vs apache vs rascal Mann red flag on the race desync killed 2 players Mann took the race with a very tidy chicane overtake Finals 3 Laps Mann vs BigRed (Damit) - Mann BigRed forfeited due to arma bugs damit stepped in to fill his shoes Alot of laughs were had. A huge thanks to @pkisbest for helping me to co-ordinate and be camera crew. Also huge thanks to [101st] Lukie Walker for doing some extraordinary commentary for the races. I honestly couldn't have made it as good without yous so its very much appreciated. Thank you to all of you who participated and made it a fun event without to much stupidity that's appreciated from me.
    5. webbie

      = Update 151218-1100 - Tweaks to AI gear - Vanilla Bergens removed due to conflict with the small ones. Same size as little one without the big ugly tumour hanging off your back. - Modified Welcomes and Brief - Reintroduced Respect - Removed Quads from dynamic spawns (allow spawning of rarer vehicles) and made them unsaleable - Added some heli's to dynamic spawns - Slightly increased no mission spawn areas around traders - Added respect and money on kill to Zeds - Lowered the Ally Ackbah Zeds explode time Slightly - Mission Vehicles will now be destroyed once connected AI are dead (Mission Vehicles get cleaned up, So better to not make players able to get them) - With Money going direct to player, AI money reduced and still have money on body to loot - Trade Back reduced to 25% (well tested and nice balance) - Increased number of roaming AI vehicles - Added in Service Points at Fuel Stations that have a cost to repair and refuel (Duct Tapes now rare) - Removed Random Traders and placed a main one at North Airfield (So their will be 2 main traders, 1 in the North and 1 in the South) - Fixed Support section of briefing - Traders Lighting Fixed = Known Issues - Boats Trader temporarily removed - Russian Roulette Temporarily bugged - Static AIs from previous trader still present - Multiple Service centres detected in one location
    6. webbie

      All the mods are on steam. If you launch from the server browser the reqd and optional mods can be viewed and found using subscribe.
    7. webbie

      Looking for something a bit different for the weekend? Come run around Malden and survive through Enemy AI, Angry Zeds and players that want your shit. Server is in its final week of beta where a bit of forgiveness and help is provided should you want to experiment. After the 22nd, bases are the only things players will be left with unless they request to have them removed. Server Info https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/arma3/2915432 Discord https://discord.gg/yYh4Tsd
    8. webbie

      Update going through in 10 mins @Stitch where I have overhauled the difficulty levels.
    9. webbie

      Trust no one, shoot everything
    10. webbie

      Lol oh well just think, I'm only going to make it more difficult too. It's funny though, I don't cheat and play from having nothing and starting from the bottom up over and over to get a feel for direction and never have a problem finding anything other than a handsaw and axe perhaps. It really is the whole point. It isn't altis life it's not going to be you aren't just going to get everything you want just by going to the shop. I mean if you want to play AL, Straya has a server for that. As for the rant on AI, it's all very contradictory because one moment you think AI have no place next minute it's too hard, lol. I'm going to develop this how I want it because of my experience in knowing how things tick and while I do value opinions, yours are always very aggressive and that doesn't interest me. This isn't my first Arma or exile server and I do all the heavy lifting myself. Just bare that in mind.
    11. webbie

      For anyone wishing to play on the exile server, search in the server browser for straya. www.battlemetrics.com/servers/arma3/2915432 It is in beta for another 2 weeks at which time it will be wiped for a fresh start. The discord address above in this thread is where all information is transmitted at this time.
    12. webbie

      StrayaGaming Exile Discord https://discord.gg/tv9YCAG
    13. webbie

      You know theirs no reason we can't all do this and many people like being co-ordinated through a lead I see it alot where a squad will have a defined leader and they totally roll an ao no matter what I throw at them. This applies to both altis and Tanoa. Although I will point out their are many big egos and so getting people to put their egos aside to enjoy a game of Arma is also apart of that very challenge It's really up to each individual player how they want to play, it's a public server and hence people can play how they choose. And I think we all know we will always get the morons who are just their to troll and unfortunately this will always be the case. As long as they don't breach the rules then they are just as welcome as anyone else.
    14. webbie

      Alot of players will use TeamSpeak, alot of groups will use group chat but be using either TeamSpeak or discord. My preference is in game group channel unfortunately use of a main group is under utilised often.
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