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    1. James32

      Odd that people like to claim people sucked for a promotion instead of accepting they just did more/better work than other people
    2. James32

      Not even tagging me right We know stuff needs to change, we're working on it
    3. James32

      VPT When?!
    4. James32

      When a toxic community banned person claims they're suddenly magically reformed
    5. Overall I'd say things are going well after the last update, Always room for improvement though, I do like the one regarding adding the missile warning to cars. Which is something that is very easy to add since i added a custom missile warning for last update, so i can apply it to ground vehicles with about 5s of work if thats the direction that people decide to head, I also added a new team-balance script last update to help with the stacking issue (although we have relaxed the leash threshold a bit since its initial inception), patch-notes can be found here;
    6. James32

      lol not gonna lie that was a good laugh
    7. James32

      I'll Miss you Nev You've always been one of the most sane and insightful people around here and whilst we didnt always agree and debated ideas endlessly I have immense respect for you. Good luck with your IRL commitments. Come back to us soon
    8. James32

      You really need to stop obsessing over Mitch, you've taken this past the point where it is in any way a reasonable response or criticism. At this stage you're just being petulant because people are disagreeing with you/showing some critical thought. Yes I know a few people arent the biggest fans of mitch but he has shown the ability to do good work reliably and has been a far better staff member since he has come back following his removal. The only thing I observe is people who cannot let go of the past and accept someone has improved because they just want someone to attack/blame for their own failure to follow rules
    9. James32

      Staffing decisions are not made on the back of public opinion, they are made on the back of who is most competent for the job. Having a vocal minority try to appear as a majority isnt a reason to remove someone
    10. James32

      If people cant work alongside someone else because they have some kind of personal vendetta that says more about them than the person they dislike, the expectation is people behave maturely and work together regardless of their feelings
    11. James32

      What If i told you that how much someone is liked doesn't have to correlate with their ability to do the job effectively
    12. James32

      Let me make it simple, If you can buy it from the civ gun store it's allowed, if you cant its not allowed. only exceptions can be contractors with a valid contract allowing larger guns
    13. James32

      This thread is becoming a shitshow, i'm locking it but i will make a post with my thoughts on the general topics later
    14. James32

      Do you believe you are free
    15. Wasteland Stratis Major UPDATE In the event of any catastrophic errors or problems on initial release, we may revert back to the previous version. Please let me know how the update effects your performance Development N.B. This list of changes is not everything, it’s just what I felt were the most significant changes General Changes - Added - Teambalance system, Leashes opfor and blufor to within 3 people of each other at all times. The team-balance takes priority over the team lock script however when you get balanced it locks you to the other team so it cannot be abused for free unlocks Added - Brand new token stores system, a new way to spend your hard earnt tokens! (more details below) Added -flares to pawnee's Added - Custom incoming missile alert to vehicles, mostly to benefit heli's that BI removed the warning radar from such as the pawnee and hummingbird Added - Ability to buy token vehicles at the aircraft carrier vehicle store Added -Several new vehicles to the store (rocket variants of 4WD/Offroad and a couple more) Added - Hostile Jet/s missions Added - Abandoned jet mission Added - Skyfire and DAR rockets are now fired by helicopter pilots instead of gunners as they are direct fire not guided. Added -Environmental effect toggle (animals and sounds) Added - Terrain quality options Added - A significant number of extra logs Added -Persistent global chat mute option for admins Tweak - Reworked Gun store to improve Usability When you buy a weapon it now comes with 1 clip/rocket loaded ready to fire straight away When you buy attachment you now get a prompt to automatically equip them to your gun Tweak - Reworked General store to improve usability When buying new clothes/armor/backpacks the gear in your current clothing is now automatically transferred to your new gear, removing the need to drop your items before buying new gear ect Tweak - Increased size of player item storage to allow far more gear to be stored Tweak - Moved south gun store to LZ Connor Tweak - added some battlement to LZ Connor to make hitting it from the carrier harder Tweak - Increase rate of mag repacking Tweak - Optimized several scripts and adjusted the frequency of a bunch of intensive scripts on client and server. Tweak - Increased frequency of cleanup of commonly cluttering items Tweak - Made admin mute on a player correctly persist until the next restart Fixed - Player Respawn logs showing some players at being on civ when they spawned Fixed - Broken admin panel elements Fixed - Several other edge case bugs/exploits Deleted - A bunch of extraneous spawned scripts that were bogging the client and server down Token Store System: This brand new system allows players to spend tokens on persistent rewards for those who would rather that than stronger vehicles, options listed below, these types will most likely be given teiring in the future for better options: Spawn with a better Gun: Allows you to respawn with a sting with a suppressor, aco and 3 mags every time you respawn after purchasing, giving you a small but significant edge against opponents with pistols Spawn Gear: Same as above except instead of spawning with a gun you will spawn with lvl 3 vest and helmet every respawn Extra storage: Increases bank cap by 1mil and the number of vehicles you can store by 1 for each time you purchase it (can buy multiple times Open General store: Allows you to open the general store from anywhere once without having to go to the store at the cost of 10 tokens Finding any Issues or bugs? Report your findings to our wasteland staff. Feedback/Suggestions are welcome
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