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    1. jacob potty

      Wasteland Stratis Minor UPDATE In the event of any catastrophic errors or problems on initial release, we may revert back to the previous version. Please let me know how the update effects your performance Development Added - new town in the middle of the map called Central Added - A small capture area at the very north side of the map called Kill Farm Bay Added - Placed an ATM at Kill Farm Bay Tweak - Position of the gun store Ai at Rogain and LZ Connor Tweak - Changed the price for the armed V-44 X Black Fish and Y-32 XI'an Tweak - changed position of the repair truck at Strogos Bay Tweak - The spawn rate of water based AI missions Tweak - Changed the team balance script to +5 Fixed - Abandoned jet mission spawning on base parts from old missions Fixed - Kamino Vehicle store blowing vehicles up Deleted - The ATM at south side of airfield This is one of the first couple of updates coming out soon. We are planning to add more air and group vehicles to the token store along with other minor stuff. If you have any suggestion for the next update to the server don't hesitate to make a suggestion post or message one of the WL staff your ideas.
    2. jacob potty

      Hey @Woolie To save you time by writing all that stuff i've linked a video tutorial to get better results with some of those staff members that may not like you.
    3. I will admit the server went through a giant drop once all staff left at the end of 2017 and the development of the server pretty much stopped due to the fact wastelands future was up in the air. Since @James32 put a lot of time and effort into the server it has improved performance and player base wise, as you can see by the screenshot James placed on this forum post which since then have improved tremendously. The states i gather you looked at were from https://strayagaming.com.au/wl_stats/ which are from the old DB, we moved over to a new DB probably 7-8 months ago which the devs have yet to fix up to appear on the WL states page.
    4. jacob potty

      NOTE: The CBA mode file stops you from joining the server, you can run dynasounds without it but it should be fixed by next restart
    5. jacob potty

      Anyone that has WL veteran from before the revamp will not lose their WL veteran status.
    6. Hello SG community With the successful revival of the wasteland server we are looking for ways to make it bigger and better for everyone. We know of how important you all are to keeping the server rising and that is why we are looking to you for your thoughts and ideas on ways to help improve the server, it can be anything from map changes, events and promotional ideas. Just post a comment below with suggestion and ideas for the Wasteland server, Every suggestion/idea will be taken to a meeting where we will discuss and try our best to implement as many ideas as possible.
    7. jacob potty

      Yeah if anyone wants to find out if they are eligible or not just send me a message.
    8. jacob potty

      After much discussions we decided to make it much harder to obtain now The criteria will now be 350+ Player kills played SG wasteland for 6+ months or 350+ WL Hours 600+ AI kills Either 100+ Revives or Area Captures
    9. jacob potty

      Well the original criteria was going to be 350+ kills been playing SG wasteland for 1 year+ 300+ WL Hours Either 100+ AI kills, Revives or Area Capures But after discussion with other staff we decided to make it easier to obtain
    10. jacob potty

      its definitely easy for a skilled player like yourself but for some other that are not as skilled and may not know how to work in a team may find it more of a challenge. like looking at the WL stats there are only like 20 players that have reached the 350 kill mark since the release of the new mission file.
    11. jacob potty

      Hello WL Community With all the changes the Wasteland server is going through we have decided to revamp all aspects of the server. The next change we are doing is Wasteland Veteran to make it more rewarding. Below i have listed an overview of how it will all work and how you can apply. Criteria 350+ Player kills played SG wasteland for 6+ months or 350+ WL Hours 600+ AI kills Either 100+ Revives or Area Captures What You Recieve WL Veteran Tag WL Veteran I-Award Access to WL Veteran TS Channel How To Apply You can simply apply for WL Veteran HERE. If you have an questions or enquiries don't hesitate to message me on the forums or teamspeak.. NOTE: All player stats are being recorded from the release date of the new mission file.
    12. jacob potty

      Hey guys its your number one Wasteland admin here. With all the changes wasteland is going through we have decided to freshen up the server rules as they are long overdue for it. Below I have detailed the changes to WL server rules. A full post of wasteland server rules can be found HERE Added 17. Money Missions - If multiple parties finish an AI mission, you are required to share the money with everyone involved. If the money is not shared and both parties cannot come to an agreement, the money will be removed by an admin. 11. Body Looting - Once you have died, and your items are on the ground, it is officially free for anyone to take. It is however considered polite to allow friendlies to retrieve their gear should they ask. However, if you were already in close proximity to a fallen ally and couldn't help them in time, you are not to touch their gear. Doing so will result in disciplinary action. - waiting for a friendly to die in order to collect their loot is a punishable offense. Modified 2. Admin Decisions - Complaining in chat or speaking rudely to an admin on Teamspeak will only make your situation worse. If you think a staff member's actions are unjust, please send a message to the current wasteland manager &/or the Staff Manager. Or file a staff report on the forums. These messages are kept strictly confidential. - An admin's decision is final, if you believe the decision was in error put in a ban appeal. 3. Spamming - Spamming chat after being asked to stop by others/a staff member may result in a kick or your access to public chat channels being rescinded. 5. Offensive Language - StrayaGaming is a community with a variety of all genders, races and ages, please respect that. - Repetitive directed abuse towards other players is entirely unacceptable behaviour, and may result in disciplinary action. - This includes any community guideline breaches. 9. Team killing [Rule moved from #11 to #9] - Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES do you ever teamkill, If you are caught intentionally team killing another player it will result in disciplinary action. 10. Team Damaging / Stealing [Rule moved from #12 to #10] - Damaging friendly assets and / or stealing from your teammates is not allowed, if you are caught damaging or stealing friendly vehicles you will receive disciplinary action. 12. Indie group hunt [Rule moved from #13 to #12] - Independents that use the group system to locate people then kill them will result in disciplinary action. 13. Using objects to block missions [Rule moved from #14 to #13] - Do not under any circumstance place objects on top or around a mission to stop it functioning. Do not fully obstruct roadways used by missions, always have gaps in any barriers/walls for mission vehicles to pass through. 15. Sky Bases [Rule moved from #17 to #15] - Sky Bases are, hence the name, bases built up in the sky, out of reach and/or view of other players. Skybases are permitted if and only if they are connected all the way to the ground with base parts or are below 150m above terrain level. 9. Ignoring mods and admins [Rule combined into rule #14] - This is Trolling / Greifing / Being a dick and CAN result in a PERM BAN. Removed 10. Being Kicked - If you have been kicked, it means you were caught breaking some form of rule or common courtesy and are now sitting on ultra-thin ice. Consider re-evaluating your decisions and taking another read of these rules. 16. Being Kicked to Independent - Simply enough, If you have been kicked to the indie team, consider yourself lucky you have not been banned for breaking some form of rule or common courtesy.
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