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    1. Humaine

      I would be keen to play on tanoa, but little freaked out by the trees and the AI being able to see through them.. ...but would join if others are keen. Can we run a poll on here? Machine, you want to start a poll to see how many have Apex or the other DLCs?
    2. Humaine

      I think most of the FOBs have the repair bays that fixes and resupplies fuel and ammo for all vehicles and the Arsenal is in the command building, but that all depends supplies being convoyed or dropped to the FOB to activate those features. As to the medical tent/red medkit, umm... medkit for patching and maybe... just wondering if you could include a defib for revive maybe? The item models in the tent that's is...
    3. Humaine

      Hey Team, Is there any chance we could get a medical tent/building or red medic kit (like at the bases) or a revive pod spawn at the FOB? There's a few times going past the FOB, where I thought it would be good to go there and get patched up, and sometimes there aren't medics around.
    4. Humaine

      Hey @webbie Last 2 videos of the events. First one is of the "Kill Webbie" event, and unfortunately me and the others in the group didn't get to webbie. The others did... we got F'kd up. The second video is an extra video of the side mission we tried to complete after the "Kill Webbie" event. Hmmm... is what I'm saying... Again, Thanks webbie and the Admin at Strayagaming.
    5. Humaine

      Hehehe, running around in our undies... LOL Hey Nos.. try using Shotcut... its free and they are continuously adding more to it. Plus lots of Youtube vids on how to use
    6. Humaine

      Hey @webbie Second Video of the First day... Go-karting and Guardian's Punishment... Lol Will do the other soon...
    7. Humaine

      Hey @webbie First video of four I'm probably gonna do of the events. This one is the first day Strayagaming Enduro - Race 1 The video is still processing at youtube, so low rez for now. Also my recording settings had changed when I was playing with OBS, so it didn't record at a great rez as well. Again, thanks webbie for the organised event...
    8. Humaine

      Yayee Me 3rd!! Have some footage will put it up later... as well as Guardians punishment... LOL
    9. Humaine

      Hey Webbie... I was on last night testing out your race track path you showing on the google doc... I die 3 times... and I wasn't racing anyone.. LOL
    10. Humaine

    11. Humaine

      Mate, not a worry. I wasn't complaining.. mate i wouldn't matter what time it would be... Its not like I do a lot of work on a Friday ... LOL and I can sleep during the weekend...
    12. Humaine

      I expect Vipers... by the millions.. Lol... Looking forward to it. That's 22:00 NZST for us Kiwis...
    13. Humaine

      OH HELL YES!! Would be fun to use..
    14. Humaine

      ooh... a mammoth tank! lol
    15. Humaine

      Hey guys, I was playing with some guys yesterday in Kavala, and we had a great session. (There's a particular section of the map that I call "Death Alley". It changes, but everytime I've gone there.. it's nasty... love it! If you get a chance... try it. :)... ) Anyway, I was wondering if there was any plans for more of that kind of close quarters combat in another section of the map, or is this something Quicksilver scripted into Straya I&A? Not sure what other town could be used, but was thinking... Pyrgos. If its possible, what town do you guys think?
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