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    1. Spetsnaz AKA Andrew

      My whole life just flashed before my eyes, I gave it 2 stars and if i dont win your life will flash before your eyes.
    2. Spetsnaz AKA Andrew

      fair enough then, I just want more tank options =)
    3. Spetsnaz AKA Andrew

      you cant pay to gain advantage for cash, adding a whitelisted slot that allows you to store a vehicle would not breach those terms as they have access to same vehicles he can just store one in a garage function
    4. Spetsnaz AKA Andrew

      whitelist slots on I&A is kind of stupid unless your a pilot.... can we add better customization for slots and possible add a whitelist tank slot that allows him to choose a different type of tank from the general ones.. i.e a kaj or cheeta i realise these can be achieved from side missions but aside from 1 skin there is no incentives for most I&A players to actually donate.
    5. Spetsnaz AKA Andrew

      U MOT M9
    6. Spetsnaz AKA Andrew

      If enough people donate money to me ill strip on camera for B33f or alternatively if B33f pays me i wont strip for him either way merry Xmas all =3
    7. Spetsnaz AKA Andrew

      From the legal Office of Spetsnaz Incorporation. I would at this point like to make it publicly known, that the assistant commissioner as well as Inspector Mitch was made personally aware by my self on the very same day that this case hit my desk, both failing their duties to promptly pass said information on wards to the officers involved as well the state prosecutor is not my responsibility, In fact i went so far as to send copies of all documentation to the state prosecutor personally myself, again not my requirement last time i checked... It is on the state to request evidence in any trial they are taking part in. Hence i will now formally request any documentation you wish to present at said appeal. If you wish to continue i require correspondence from your state prosecutor team in regards to new evidence that you clearly have to bring to life that would alter the out come of the verdict handed down by the honorable Attorney General, Bevan Damndarty Gluesniff. As stated by the (AG) Bevan Gluesniff the officers where all released and the court case it self had been finished and finalized and verdict handed out before the bank robbers tripped up the alarm system in the Westpac Bank, From recollection the Court House in Melbourne would have been allot closer then the Sydney LAC station making responding to the Bank robbery quicker then normal response times from the Sydney LAC. In the Matter of Zehaava vs The State, I never asked the PD to actually pay for the legal fees, Since the verdict was against the PD and said officer accused. I would be treading carefully especially when attempts at defaming Spetsnaz Incorporation are at hand. Regards SPETSNAZ Spetsnaz Incorporation. Head Officer of Legal Justice (02) ts.straya.lif @[email protected] @SMOKEY?
    8. Spetsnaz AKA Andrew

      was recovered by Aaron i was just the guy holding it once it got back to PD
    9. Spetsnaz AKA Andrew

      @Jacob Richardson for actual stats on the rifle range it will be subject to change, in other words they may nerf or buff the range of it for balace purposes. The benefits of low ranking cops using mk20 means they can disable ppl at range and if rebels get hold of the mk20 they will still get absolutely Meme'd by the Sydney LAC Sgt+ Im a chief inspector and ill probly do GD with the MK20 just cause i know how much fun this is going to be... @TrueBlue I was thinking about changes in rules that may have to be put in as well. Like no shooting drivers with knockdown rounds as this will cause a car doing 200km/h a hour to flip a bitch, slap a tree and end up in HD
    10. Spetsnaz AKA Andrew

      Iv read quiet afew of the comments in this threa and agree and disagree with allot of what is being said. My observations of how GD deals with situations is sadly a bad view, @mylox you are right cops run in to much and get wiped the main reason is they need to close the gap so there weapons are actually effective. A tazer rifle is effective from 35-50m. The mk20 with knock downs means they have the capabilty of 200m knockdown and from 200m onwards is lethal meaning 4 cops dont have to push and force there partner to push to help keep them alive.. currently we have 4 recruits on at a time they are accompanied by 4 white list cops so 8 ppl now dont have to push and rush.. You wanna take pitty on us. I take pitty on you... Mk20 is actualy OP
    11. Spetsnaz AKA Andrew

      Mmmmm they look so delicious when i satchel charge them =3
    12. Spetsnaz AKA Andrew

      this is the best vid ever
    13. Spetsnaz AKA Andrew

      lol the moment all rebels give up on a forum cause u low key know no matter how many people voted for this change they still wouldn't do regardless of our points
    14. Spetsnaz AKA Andrew

      Red before i rage quit a few months ago i had about 30mil and couldn't buy a thing but starter gear. I have come back and started playing medic and started robbing people and fed ect and have mad enough money that i should be able to buy these weapons that you some how seem to think people are making and selling. BUT NO ONE MAKES GUNS! do you understand this? NO ONE! WHY? cause rebels hear that some one is making guns to sell and find out where they live and raid them every day for a week straight. DJ payed 23mil for the first M320 on the server he got raided a week later. dont think he got to even use it. if you made it so people can store in 1 vehicle it would have a limited amount meaning once items where made they would then have to do a balancing act to keep the important things in there car. This would also kick start people making guns again. I beleive father Yuri was planing on making a gang that was all about making guns yet that shut down fast. there are massive ranks from every gang on the server about this @Red yet you all seem to ignore this.... Police have a storage locker that cant be raided.. Cops have Code Black and can kick my door in with out a warrant. AND I LOOSE EVERYTHING even building materials that aren't illegal. I loose guns that i have brought for millions i loose all progress and then this makes me not want to craft ever again. This is the story of every rebel who has tried to make guns.. Red i put the challenge to find some one who is making guns cause i ask almost daily for gun sellers and all i get is Mk200's from airdrop.....
    15. Spetsnaz AKA Andrew

      Smokey i understand exactly what recourse the cops have in real life as iv worked along side them on many occasions like G20 and search tasks. You currently have fire power upper hand, Vehicle upper hand *drones and hunters/HMG*, and numbers upper hand. and that's before you call for SRT support for Fed and other cops joining ect. So dont sit there like your having a rough time as a cop.. the fact of the matter is what im proposing isn't a bad compromise. Cops just dont want to RP or have a challenge your self. Defending the Fed is meant to be a easy, its meant to challenge both groups, but so far your tactics involve glitching over the walls and sniping.. gee you are really pulling through with your tactics there mate. nice formations, nice distractions, nice flash entry's, nice Irene tactics oh wait u do nune of that u just snipe snipe snipe and disable with a HMG wowowowow award for most realist game play goes to the Cops. LuckySOB i always hear this remark from Cops and help desk, but yet i never hear of any actual CURRENT rebel gangs WHO ARE ACTIVELY REBEL, being approached to help find a balance. if you would so kindly show some proof to that id be glade to take that remark on board. My time in TSF i was never approached nor was K9, and we where leaders. My time in NiG i was never approached nor was KiKun, Again leader... even back when i was in NTR and asking to help with rebel rules i was ignored as well. Now while im in SP I have not herd of you asking any of the leader i.e Bolaby for his input on current rules. NOW that seems weird, as NIG and SP are currently the most active when it comes to robbing Fed, Nerri and Westpack. I'm sure if i asked Fox or AOBE i will find the same answer. I dont recall there being a forum post about proposals to change SRT and cop escalation but yet that seems to of gone ahead as well. also iv noticed its now harder to pick lock Cop based items like Hunters and SUV's funny again i dont recall a post about this. (now i was away and may of missed them if you can link them ill retract these snide comments, however i still cant find these posts.) Magic at no stage am i saying nerf your wep's or what u can use to attacked the players in the Fed, im merely looking for a out come that means i dont have to sit there watching 1 corner for 2 hour's while cops wait to get another wave to assault the Fed.... *using* information passed onto them by dead cops.... again ill give a example.. i sprayed down 3 cops. about 10 mins later a hunter rolls up, at no stage could i be seen from externals and no drone present in the sky. some how the cops rolling up new where to throw flash grenades. Again you have brought up something i have not said. "Police cannot choose when to defend Fed whereas Rebels can metagame to choose when to rob it (So a cop logging on just helps to reduce that advantage)" yes i have not disagreed with this at any stage and its a common practice for gang's to scope out who the competition is, Cops do the same thing by metagaming how many members of a gang are online to. I know they do cause i started on this server as a cop. The time would let them get more cops to help respond.. but a cop responding to a situation that started 1 and a half hours ago is a bit ****ed and only drags it on longer then it need to be. "Altis life is not meant to be a replica of real life; has anybody else come across big heavily armed gangs in the Outback running heroin and robbing everybody that they see?" In your first post you wanted nothing but realism, now it seems you dont. I think you know what you want.. And yes i have. Hell Angels in Darwin and Bundaberg. Rebels far New South Whales coast. Commoncharos *i couldn't be stuffed to check the spelling for this* Sydney and Gold Coast. "Why not try implement this tactic on your guys expensive gear, worked for us." To stage a attack just to Rob cops is a bit of a shit way to get weapons, and will only lead to my house being raided the next day. "On the whole turning down roleplay because it never works kinda thing, you have to realise certain things like cops doing risk assessments on the situation can sometimes mislead them and end up with the hostage dead. Cops cannot just cower away in their holes and hand over whatever is demanded otherwise it would be boring and too easy for you guys. And if you ever see people not caring about a hostages life all the time then hit up vizzn and I'm pretty sure he would he happy to sort them out." again, you talk about things like i have not done this already. Iv spoken to Vizzn about cops breaking RP or making things up that cant exsist in the game mechanics I.e Finger print recognition to start a car. When it comes to RP i am more then willing to RP it would with cops but cop RP is the same thing every time. get the hostage titan there helicopters or shoot them in the face. No Check points to catch them later no sweet trades and both walk away its shoot em up, there is never a situation where a rebel group has handed a hostage over and shots haven't rung out moments later.. As for the hostage being killed... I spoke to Vizzn once about a Negotiator *Smokey* not valuing a hostages life cause he didn't want to meet my simple demand. I was told its not there life so the value of life rule doesn't apply, and due to some american law that they like to hide behind they dont need to value the life of the hostage.. In other words cops have 0 accountability for a hostage RP situation being messed up, witch leads to you guess it Bang Bang Bang... Now to try to nit pick and say that cause i have a complaint it means i cant shoot or i lack strategy is ignorant considering a 4 man NiG team used to wipe cops regularly. To say SP lacks coordination to pull such a feat as Fed is also dumb as they are one of the largest and most active gang on the server that has been around probably the longest now and have done more Feds then you've had cooked dinners. some one noted that its just Cops and SP posting on this, that is cause no other gang trys Fed im sure if AOBE or FOX tried they would be here saying the same thing. Currently the only active gangs that have had serious attempts is SP and NiG. Ill try to get this back on point some how after my sweet rant. The time for responding is fair for both teams. it can be managed quiet easily with a simple msg to PD stating respond time up. meaning both sides now know that no one else is to respond to the situation and its now down to tactics now who can get the most people to log into the game. Enjoy =) Regards No.2 (still a dank meme)
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