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    1. Nova

      maybe the 5th attempt will work...
    2. Nova

      if people jump on the server. others will see it has a higher pop count so more will join
    3. Nova

      i'd say most people have Apex but its not as fun as altis
    4. Nova

      another "im leaving" post. instead of posting about it just leave? you ****s really that desperate for attention?
    5. Nova

    6. Nova

      you obviously havent played altis life
    7. Nova

      map is looking good but what about the gameplay mechanics an what not
    8. Nova

      more of a meme since squad is more catered to his view compared to the server also im not staff anymore
    9. Nova

      i believe the game you are looking for is called Squad
    10. Nova

      why not come up with some concepts? or apply for community team
    11. Nova

      depends. i wouldnt want any extra restrictions on gear than it currently is it would be useful but i like the current method tbh
    12. Nova

    13. Nova

      too bad 1 rocket would destroy it anyway
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