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    1. [AI] STALKER

      Remembrance day.
    2. [AI] STALKER

      I have a simple solution. 1. Rent a huron ( Currently $250,000 per 12 hour restart - unless you leave it alone for 10 mins and it despawns ). 2. Fly to south east cargo 5kms south east of Brisbane. 3. Land outside of the CARGO mission truck spawn. 4. Activate a mission to SYDNEY. 5. Sling load MISSION vehicle with HURON 6. FLY TO SYDNEY. 7. Deposit the vehicle on the mission area. 8. Land and hand in mission. 9. Activate a mission to NORTHERN TERRITORY CARGO or SE cargo 5kms se of brisbane. 10. Rinse repeat. EASY $100,000 - $130,000 every 5-6 mins. Allow 10 mins per run including a drink break - and thats at least 6 runs per hour - or an easy $600,000 - $800,000 an hour. You can make alot more but im allowing for relaxed play here. Considering most "GANGS" do not camp either cargo point currently - its easy money. Peace out.
    3. Ill just leave this here.
    4. Any chance of getting a random number #roll function added to the server. Ie: Direct Von :STALKER enters in direct #roll Server Result 73 displayed in side chat server messages. Same way as player arrests are displayed and player kills. With #roll function using the : floor (random 100) to generate a random number between 1-100 with each number having the same chance as any other number. Would allow for ingame gambling casino's run by players. Police raffles for RP purposes etc. **Understand you get a million messages a day by people asking for mechanics with zero idea on how those mechanics would need to be implemented - just thought i would ask. Also understand your busy. Thank you for your time. ** Used to manage a once a week casino on another server were by the players would each take turns giving the " Dealer " money , placing a bet on a number - in this case between 1-70. House auto wins on 71-100. Players win double if it lands on even if they bet even and double if it lands odd and they bet odd. Player wins ten times amount bet if it lands on their number. House takes all if the number is 71 or greater. Was a nice easy money sink for high enders on server - allowed for heaps of role play opportunities between police , civilian contractors - and cartels - rebels. Also used as said above for Police raffles. Pay $100,000 for a ticket - pick a number between 1-100. Sell 100 tickets. Reroll until a winner occurs - set pay out at 50% of sold ticket value. So if $10,000,000 in tickets are sold - pay out is $5,000,000 to the winner - Heaps of ways such a system is used. Thank you for your time Connor. -STALKER-
    5. [AI] STALKER

      This picture does not tell the whole story ... AINC DC GS The Bois oo(Infinity) some randoms - over all 20 players from 6+ groups all being friendly , no decs , no kill onsite even within KOS - Agreed between players - less than 20 players on .. early morning ... make money ... RP and HOSTILE RP can be done later. AINC had 2 players running overwatch .... and everyone assisted when one guy decided to "Breach The Peace". 3 bullets later .... and Sam the infamous carrier of tracey (CoT) fragged another kill. 2+ hours of peace time. Didnt think to take screen shots earlier ... but we had i think .... 2 vtols on ground , 5 hurons ..... 1 vtol in air waiting on space ..... 2 hurons in air waiting on space At the peak of the peace time So when i read forum posts like " This is dead " .. or " Problems with the server " .... i like to remind people that moments like this happen to . Peace out and happy hunting
    6. [AI] STALKER

      Thank you everyone for your feed back and experiences. First - Lets all acknowledge the point of this thread was to give positive feed back to several police officers i forgot to get the names of. Second - To acknowledge the positive role play of several civilians in some potentially emotionally charged situations. Third - A great display of positive interaction between several factions that often hit each other head to head in a negative US vs THEM way. There are always going to be those who mean to role play well who come across as ... less than intended. And there will always be those who have no interest in role play - no matter how hard others try to accommodate them. In my experience - fail role play scenarios often occur because one or more individuals involved are unsure / uncomfortable / unused to positive constructive role play and just assume the worst case scenario is one or more people are just trolling. For those who are interested in some advice on LAWYER role play - I am available at any time to meet and help demonstrate some pointers. Examples include - When a charge filed by police should be ACCEPTED and the client should plead guilty to. - When a charge filed by police should NOT BE ACCEPTED and the police should have the REASON your not accepting it explained.. in a calm and logical manner. Remember - Negotiations are not 1 sided. The police will want to nail a conviction on that guy they caught. The guy will want to have as many charges dropped as possible. Find a middle ground - and 9/10 times i have found even the most " I hate role play " police / civilians will agree to a compromise. Because as a lawyer - You are not the enemy of police. You are the person who helps SPEED up the process that allows the POLICE to do their job , and the CLIENT to feel you have defended their rights. And often .. you can do both while showing both the police and the client that neither of them are being disrespectful to the other. Peace out and happy role playing
    7. [AI] STALKER

      Thanks mate - actually handed it back to you
    8. [AI] STALKER

      First , my apologizes oh humble reader of the forums for not taking screen shots at the time. That said , allow me to continue good sirs. Yesterday I hoped onto the server to test some ideas that myself , Mccain and BmanZ07 had for streamlining lawyer / client / police interaction at the Police Station interview rooms. So here is a point form run down of the high lights. 1: Arrive Brisbane PD in a suit and talk with police about representing clients. 2: Granted permission to sit on bench opposite Interview rooms. 3: Police bring me clients that either ask for a lawyer because of side chat advertisements or clients who they have told " There is a lawyer here if you want one ". 4: Invited to assist in 4 separate interviews representing 5 separate people. 5: 1 Case involved multiple weapons 6.5+ caliber and a pawnee - No jail - minimal fines - Due to Great police role play and respectful players held under restraint. 6: 1 case involved a help desk issue vs police - that was resolved via ingame role play - with minimal compensation ($30,000 for 15 mins of time) - and no helpdesk intervention Again due to great police role play - and the client being respectful. 7: 2 more cases that were resolved on good terms with the clients paying fines - but not going to jail - and the police feeling they were both respected and appreciated by the clients and the lawyer. Look i know there are times when some police are simply hobo killers. And there are times when civilians are " Is that a guy in blue or white - shoot it .. shoot it ... a shot is a dec .. shoot it ". But there are easily just as many times when you can actually role play issues out with police because just like civilians .... they want to role play not just shot. So all said and done.... im going to end this post with a BiG thank you to the Police officers involved. You know who you are. A larger thank you to the police officer who asked one client if it was ok if he sat in the room while i talked " privately " so he could see how this whole " LAWYER " thing worked. As above to the client who after saying " Ah no.... go away " and the officer left the room... said " If hes going to respect me and my rights .. he can come back in ... im cool with it as long as he doesnt tell the other cops what is being said ". And finally - a quote : Good intended Role Play breeds Good intended Role play. Peace out
    9. [AI] STALKER

      Long time no see friend. Hit me up pm and ill send you our Discord. Working with Mccain at the moment to assist in an overhaul of the legal system.
    10. [AI] STALKER

      1. Well spoken Red. 2. Connor , your use of language is very impressive. And yes what Connor said. 3. I remember SG life server from over 12 months ago. Let me tell you the things that have changed. A: Help desk staff asking for evidence ( 12 months ago that was only asked for by the people being accused , now its actually used on the people making the complaint. Which is how its meant to be. ). B: Server runs smooth. As Connor is the back end guy , You can thank him. I've done my time setting up mission.sqf's and custom object.sqf's for exile servers using dynamic mission systems and trust me ... the fact you dont notice a server issue is hours and hours of hard and diligent work on behalf of who ever does the back end. C: I really do hope you reconsider your choice and stay on the server , its fun , and while you wont get along with everyone ( I cant stand the voice of a 12 year old ........ ) , everyone is here to have fun ;)
    11. [AI] STALKER

    12. So i get back from taking my daughter to school ... and see this get posted in our team speak channel. I mean ... im proud of all the Acquisitions Incorporated members. The new 01's probation members and the proven 02's are doing really good with role play and adhering to the new Civilian Contract signed with Commissioner Wex and Deputy Commissoner milkbub ...... But can someone tell my what my Corporation did for this photo lol ... because at the time of posting this .... i have no idea.
    13. [AI] STALKER

      Dont make capital cities spawn cities. And place spawns on the small towns. Place rental vehicle stores at them and problem becomes addressed ;) Although i agree with your point. Thought provoking is it not?
    14. [AI] STALKER

      Value for life rule. Civilians within a major city are made aware that a large scale rebel incursion is about to happen. Value for life dictates that the civilians value their life above and beyond ownership status of the city in question. Thus the following suggestions is made to clarify my understanding of the rule set. 1. REBEL GANG DECLARES INTENT TO POLICE AND CIVILIAN POPULATION THEY ARE DOING A TAKE OVER . This is a declaration. And all declarations should include instruction - penalty if instruction is not followed - Example : MESSAGE ALL COPS : _INSERT_REBEL_GANG_NAME_ FORCES ARE RETAKING THE CITY OF __INSERT_NAME_ AVOID LOSS OF LIFE. LEAVE THE CITY WITHIN THE NEXT 10 MINS TO AVOID POLICE AND CIVILIAN CASUALTIES. ANY PERSONS SEEN REMAINING WILL BE DEEMED GOVERNMENT SUPPORTERS AND SHOT. CHANNEL 7 MESSAGE : _INSERT_REBEL_GANG_NAME_ FORCES ARE RETAKING THE CITY OF __INSERT_NAME_ FOR THE PEOPLE. ALL CIVILIANS ARE ADVISED TO LEAVE THE CITY WITHIN NEXT 10 MINS TO AVOID CIVILIAN CASUALTIES. ANY PERSONS SEEN REMAINING WILL BE DEEMED GOVERNMENT SUPPORTERS AND SHOT. --------------------------------- Once police receive notification of a planned uprising. The following should happen. 1. Senior Police officer should imminently send out PUBLIC ALERT MESSAGE. P.A.M. : THIS IS AN EMERGENCY BROADCAST ARMED REBEL FORCES HAVE BEEN CONFIRMED PREPARING TO ATTACK ANYONE WITHIN CITY LIMITS AFTER THE NEXT 10 MINS. ALL CIVILIANS ARE ADVISED TO HEAD TO THE FRONT OF THE POLICE STATION _INSERT_CITY_NAME_ TO BE EXTRACTED OR LEAVE THE CITY BEFORE THE REBELS ATTACK 2. AFTER TEN MINS HAVE PASSED - THE REBEL FORCES WILL REISSUE DECLARATION - TO POLICE VIA TEXT . TO CIVILIANS VIA CHANNEL 7. : ATTENTION - ALL PERSONS WITHIN CITY LIMITS - POLICE HAVE FAILED TO COMPLY WITH OUR CEASE FIRE NEGOTIATIONS . ARMED FORCE WILL NOW BE USED TO SECURE THE CITY - ALL PERSONS SEEN WITHIN WILL BE SHOT. **** WHAT does this all mean **** Too long Didnt read version is this: IF your still in the city after ten mins , your either a Police officer fighting the rebels...... Or your a civilian with a death wish - either way - the REBEL GROUP has the right to SHOOT ON SITE as no one who did not want to be involved in a LIFE THREATENING situation would still be within the city limits. I know not everyone is this organized. But if AINC decides to don a RANDOM tag to do some fun rebel RP .... This is the route we will take. Clear communication. No miss understanding. IF YOU STAY : Your get sprayed. Simple.
    15. [AI] STALKER

      Donator $100 Donator $300 Both in one hit. Sam ... i see your shares in AInc have paid off , I am obviously paying you too much. I still expect my 10% return.
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