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    1. Fitz

      Manual/guide is in the works. Check the FOB tab on the map for a basic description. Yeah, if you don't have the DLC, then you'll need to drive the trucks out.
    2. Fitz

      Not necessarily, I said that could be one reason. We don't run that on Tanoa anymore anyway at the moment, not unless we get more players and they want it. They're from the database, I collect info on what DLC everyone owns.
    3. Fitz

      I don't think the shooting through plants/trees issue is that bad, doesn't happen to me too often at least. Fun fact: around 75% of our players with over 2 hours play time have Apex. Over 90% of the regulars have it as well. I guess they either don't know about it; still think it's running Sector Control mode and aren't interested; or just don't like Tanoa/aren't interested in general.
    4. Fitz

      10/11/18 This update is mainly bug fixes and small tweaks. Changes: Added BTR-K Kamysh with NATO-ish skin to APC spawn rotation. Added BTR-K Kamysh supporter skin to Area 51. Nearest medic (within 500m) is now shown when carrying/dragging someone. Added the weekly Top 3 Pilots and Medics to the I&A Discord Live Feed channel. Altis/Tanoa will post something like this every Monday at ~12am: Reduced mission file size. Added CAS variant Black Wasp to highest CAS pool. (Loadout subject to change) Fixed Snipers/Autoriflemen being unable to use the SDAR. Fixed 'Open Parachute' option showing while fast-roping. Fixed base-only Bobcat not respawning when taken outside base. Adjusted T-140 spawn position to fix this. Adjusted Gorgon spawn chance. Fast-rope enable/disable hotkey (Tab) no longer activated when Alt key is pressed at the same time. Added/changed some chat message tips. Tweaked some Robocop stuff. Fixed bug with new Treat player action (Quiksilver). Report any bugs you find on the bug tracker.
    5. Hey Fitz Tanoa is down again

      1. Fitz


        Yep, fixed now. Caused by typo 😞

    6. Fitz

      There are 5 pools each for CAS and AA. Each one has different chances/weights for each jet to spawn. The CAS pools are pretty much just the Neophron and Wipeout except the first one, which is Buzzard only, and the second which is all 3. The AA pools are all fighter jets and/or the Buzzard. First pool Buzzard only. Last 3 pools no Buzzard. Wont go into detail as to the chances of getting each jet, but as you gain access to the better pools, the chance of getting a Shikra or Black Wasp increases and the chance of everything else decreases. Players are assigned a pool according to a rank coefficient from the leaderboard. There is no set score for each pool, it is whether you are in a certain percentile that determines what pool you get. For example, if you are in the top 10%, then you get pool 5 (the best pool).
    7. Fitz

      Banned from discord, time to rim all the staff
    8. Fitz

      I thought I removed it from the third fighter pool onwards. Checking now, seems that I didn't. Will fix.
    9. Fitz

      Yes, I've seen that too sometimes. But, it's the same as when you shoot an AI multiple times and they occasionally don't take damage from the second or third shot. Not much I can do about it, it's just Arma AI. I can't change "blast damage values" of each explosive, but I can change the damage taken by AI from certain things. Doing so is a bit of a pain in the ass though, and I imagine not very performance friendly, so I'm not going to do that.
    10. Fitz

      Use RGOs instead of RGNs.
    11. Fitz

      16/10/18 Main change here is a fix for the transport leaderboards and an easier to use 'Treat' action. Changes: Added [Shift]+[Click] option to TP from main spawn to Side base (as suggested here). Works exactly the same as the Kavala/Georgetown mission one: you must be at base to use it, not in a vehicle, not incapacitated, not carrying anyone, etc. Changed Tanoa server to Tanoa Classic only. Malden still kept up to date so it can be loaded at any time, if anyone wants. Removed old base defence walls. Couple of minor fixes. Official changelog: Report any bugs you find on the bug tracker.
    12. Why do you think it should be scrapped? I think it's still good and definitely challenging, just need a good group to do it with. As for the truck mission, I believe the amount of AT soldiers has been reduced for the next update. The 'hold the area' thing sounds good
    13. Changed Severity to Minor Changed Status to Acknowledged
    14. Probably the kavala mission. Have heard it does the same to jets. Will look into it
    15. Fitz

      Based on this thread alone im gonna vote no
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