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    1. bouda118

      Lets add Navids and SPMG back while were at it. ( Sarcasm ) Yikes now were back to straya pre wipe that everyone cried about. Combat is really nice with striders gone 90% of people will agree. Seeing more of a qilion meta and better combat overall. Rather than roll the dice vehicle rams.
    2. bouda118

      We owned it for the hour that Gangbases got dished out after wipe but they shouldn't have been introduced as fast as they were so all gangs had them removed again. We can always drop numbers to make it a fair fight, With police still under restriction and KoS only just opening up i don't think they will be introduced though as the only purpose they would serve is a spawn points.
    3. bouda118

      Dunno if Gang Bases are a thing just yet, If they are AoW will contest this base. Declaring Gang: The Art Of War Gang Leaders: Bouda, PapaJ , Son-Chae , Pad0s Gang Members: Gay Dave, Fyt, J-Dog, Truma, Jessie Wasabi, Slade, Toby, Josh, Salt, DaCrazyAsian, Buster Phat Wan, Hope, Marko, Swanky, Sm1ladon, Jebus.SK Dates and Times of Availability: Daily
    4. bouda118

      Gold bar seller bugged

      Completed Fed last night, Flew bars out to sell. Buyer is bugged. https://i.gyazo.com/9cd7cec1a64552a01f3bb33cf88e8977.mp4
    5. bouda118

      New side messages spam

      When low on fuel the new messaging system goes to town on the spam.
    6. bouda118

      If you don’t get enough for 5 v 5 you can break it down to 1 v 1 or 2 v 2 on aimprac maps.
    7. bouda118

      Rebel finally feels in a decent spot, Subject to change once police restrictions are lifted. Couple of tips to help newer people out - Delivery missions ( illegal ), Trick is start from the furthest yard, You can decline missions for higher paying ones ( Further the distance better the pay ) up to 120k per run and almost free to start, 99% of people have moved away from robbing cargo yards. Stay on the back roads. ( Low Risk ) - 25 mins per trip - Copper = 150k-350k per run depending on vehicle, Rent a Hemmit to start with. ( Low/Medium Risk ) - 15-20 mins per run - Gems = Take a pick axe to iron mine, Drop iron, Take a Pickup to store if you wish to stay awhile. Take 20k cash and go process them. Gems got nerfed so not AS viable currently but getting buffed soon, Cant be robbed until you sell, Can still make 350-650k an hour depending on RNG ( Low Risk ) - 1hour - Weed, Surprisingly safe considering drugs have rebel activity also a pretty quick triangle. Can use either rented hemmit or Huron, 375k per run with rented huron, 15-20 mins per run - Cocaine = Untested ( Never seen anyone at coke field while doing heroin ) - Heroin - 675k per run with rented huron. 200k for processing, 250k for Huron. You pull off a single run and you are in profit. ( **High RIsk**) 25 minutes per run with decent prof ( This is just a few of many ways to grind cash monies ) The trick here with vehicles been expensive is to rent in the early days. 2 Delivery missions is enough to rent a Huron. From there you can do either copper or drug runs and start making the big dollars. - Taru needs its rented price lowered as it doesnt meet the economy change ( Will help people with rebel/cartel opposed to Hurons at airshop ) - Kidneys maybe should be buffed slightly for the Brisbane ( Sydney grinders ) KoS is nice it’s attracts most the big gangs and takes them away from city limit camping, SRT should be allowed back into KoS soon though. It seems to be the mid tier gangs shaking down the poor civis trying to grind. I can’t speak for all gangs but my members get roasted if they touch delivery trucks or untagged civs.
    8. bouda118

      At the end of the day bigger gangs shouldn’t be shaking down nobody’s at the Copper mine. Having people move out of Brisbane ( Sydney ) is far more rewarding long term than the 100k you make robbing them. I dont think it should be made a safezone though as risk is always their once you leave city limits. One option could maybe be increased police patrols of the area? As both mines are close to Brisbane and processing ( From memory ) would be included in GD area.
    9. bouda118

      Gangbases have been removed from gangs again but just regard this as a fyi for when they become available
    10. bouda118

      Gangbase weapon shop bugged

      No GangBase Weapon shops work. They all say KoS shop is currently closed, Was told by axle to put in a bug report.
    11. bouda118

      Banned for 3 months. Unbanned for 2 days, Banned Indefinitely. Whats going to change if you got unbanned is the real question.
    12. bouda118

      Rebel hex range increase

      Rebels have been asking for this one for awhile, Possible to have Gang Hex increased, Even if it shows just for line of site. I have seen in the past servers that show small hex with a distance, Or even just increase visibility range/Line of site. KoS has been integrated into the server now and this would help alot. Thanks.
    13. bouda118

      It was AoW boys handing out guns hahaha, ( Cougah/ Gay Dave / Buster ) Heres @BusterKnut POV not much but some more footage from the day. Was fun Cool too see Cops / Civ engage in it without any drama
    14. bouda118

      There’s a straya gaming CQC server that generally gets a chunk of people on it of a night. You can spawn with a loadout kinda like I&A than select a spawn area EG Federal Reserve ( it tells you how many people in what area) Really good for aim prac / Insta combat.
    15. bouda118

      My eyes got aids watching this, @Skyfise montage 2.0 Hahahhahha
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