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    1. Excel

      ah shiet maddest **** out, always did the comp requests at lightning speed Hope you're doing well brother!
    2. Excel

      you stupid ****
    3. Excel

      Well said brother, well said!
    4. Us hackers are in danger in the upcoming Unity Port!!!!! The game is being moved to unity and most likely all hacks will be unusable for a short period of time. I suggest you download all you clients and keep them saved somewhere and prepare for abit of down time If you DO NOT hack then please let us know what the game is like ADMIN TEAM
    5. Excel

      oh ****, cut me slack big night. delete this please.
    6. Unsure if this is only an issue with me, however, you are meant to spawn with the 50k starting but I spawned with 20k. (Ignore the extra $1050, I got a paycheck)
    7. Excel

      **** that's a nice banner @James32
    8. Excel

      Smart move boys ;) Was finking of this the other day.
    9. Congrats @Fitz on Altis Life Developer!
    10. Excel

      Kkona has come to visit, [accept] [ignore]
    11. Excel

    12. Excel

      "My wallet is like an onion, opening it makes me cry."
    13. Excel

      But i made you this one :(
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