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    1. Havoxa

      //Pending @Jacob Mchairyyy Please join the Judicial Government Lobby in teamspeak (ts.straya.life) and speak to me regarding your application.
    2. Havoxa

      //Denied @Tino1113 Your application has been denied due to not approaching myself within 7 days. Please apply if your circumstances change.
    3. Havoxa

      //Pending @Benjamin10Please join the Judicial Government Lobby in teamspeak (ts.straya.life) and speak to me regarding your application.
    4. Havoxa

      Zorgain, It's ok man we all cried during the vid. Your secret is safe with us
    5. Havoxa

      I saw your breakdown in side chat. @Jewbacca look what youve done
    6. Havoxa

      Jewy, I wish i met you sooner mate.The time we did spend together was 100 percent some of the funniest times i have had on this server. I will miss you and the "hate" that Mitch had for you All the best HelpdeskHavoxa ;D
    7. Havoxa

      Yes @Jay there is
    8. Havoxa

      Gents, Have you ever been on the receiving end of a bad decision? Have you ever been the victim of abuse? Have you ever wanted to stand up for what is right? Well your chance has come as the Lawyers of the Altis judicial government are recruiting. All you need is a working mic and a can do attitude and you will fit in well. Use this link to apply and make a difference today! https://strayagaming.com.au/forum/657-lawyer-applications/ Kindest regards Havoxa Queen's counsel
    9. Coonner, Thank you for the work you have done for the server and i hope that you dont be a stranger and i hope to see you soon
    10. Havoxa

      Now this post isn't to start World war 4....or whatever we are up to now. I am just honestly curious as a player. what do you guys think of the new westpac? i ask coz i have played the bank both as cop and rebel and i must admit i really enjoy the bank as a rebel. because you have no many new places to hide away. Discuss
    11. Name: Havoxa Callsign: S20E Training Completed By: Critters Why do you deserve a promotion? (50 Words min) I believe my knowledge of the police force has grown as my time as SGT.I feel i can be trusted as a [Potential] Senior SGT on the fact that i am a dependable person and the i can be mature when the moment calls. I also feel the my leadership skills are one of my strong points due to my IRL job as a firefighter and a previous history in MILSIM units. I hope to be taken into consideration for this promotion because i feel i can be a good asset to the APD. Any questions please fell free to contact me at anytime. Who would recommend you for a promotion? Kmart Jdawgz NuuRushen Critters MBolt
    12. Havoxa

      Whilest i have been part of the APD Ash has been one of the best cops we have. He has worked very hard and is incredibly active throughout his long time in the force.I would also love to see Ash in command because he will be able to do even more amazing work.
    13. Havoxa

      Heres an idea. Couldnt people that try to keep their bounty by any means just be pardoned. This way they can stop minging about their bounty.
    14. Havoxa

      Personally i dont have an issue with cops (SRT) having higher grade weapons then rebels. Gangs and cartels have one clear enemy which is the police. However a cop could get shafted at a moments notice by anyone or any crime organization. Plus with a sniper, i dont think it would matter if its .338 or a .408. Your still going to get gatted.
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