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    1. Noskire

      An oil rig off the coast of Altis would make for a very cool mission.
    2. Noskire

      Both @webbie and @humaine
    3. Noskire

      NIIICE! You on the server this afternoon mate?
    4. Noskire

      Sorry for the quality guys. I was using Lightworks and could only upload at 720p. There is a sad ending:
    5. Wow, this has the potential to be very cool, or very dangerous https://boingboing.net/2018/10/22/kickstarting-a-game-where-you.html
    6. Noskire

      I get your point Red - it is impossible to moderate. Yet I think Woolie's post was intended to remind us that there are many who play that have some issues with mental illness. As with any community, we should be mindful of that. People in a vulnerable state can make rash decisions - sometimes fatal. A bit of banter is fine - but remember you're talking to another human being. We lost a regular player of I&A to suicide last week. And he was a damn fine player.
    7. Noskire

      I agree - USS Liberty and USS Freedom/Nimitz could make for an interesting FOB (or even a new HQ spawn?) The weapons on the USS Liberty have to be installed as turrets, and can only be operated by a UAV operator. Also I think the cruise missiles have to be called in by airborne laser designation? (It slightly bugs me they class the USS Liberty as a destroyer - more of an ANZAC-class frigate IMO).
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