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    1. Chris Shaw

      the sky is the limit
    2. Chris Shaw

      ill miss you my boyfriend
    3. Chris Shaw

      nutty as heck gamer
    4. Chris Shaw

      enjoy dads
    5. Chris Shaw

      a complete cqc bank where it's staged in a massive building where you can only play internally would be a nice change, holding corners and all that. not sure how to pull this off but it would still be cool to defend/siege imo
    6. Chris Shaw

      because he's gay
    7. Chris Shaw

      I did personally enjoy the first release of capture points as it introduced a new meta to combat, somewhat. However, locations such as Syrta where you got that massive tower to hold is just plain and old to fight in as it just feels like pushing up shady towers over and over. Keep the locations where CQC is prime and vehicles are not so accessible to be performing qilin dismounts and such. *cough* church, og arms, etc.
    8. Chris Shaw

      phat +1 jdawgz is a perfect candidate for a GD inspector and is a sick **** in general he's got both the experience and leadership to be successful in such a role, myself and others truly believe he would be successful as an inspector within GD.
    9. Chris Shaw

      epic plug If you haven't seen the 1st one yet - Part 1 not the best frags but i dont save every single kill so here u go fellers - Part 2 k05s signing out
    10. Chris Shaw

      theyre the same thing anyways
    11. Chris Shaw

      50 people on IA, pretty confused at this point
    12. Chris Shaw

      Broken srt level 3 store.

      SRT Heavy store is broken in terms of buying mags for the LMGs (zafs, lims & mk200s.) Can buy the gun but can't buy the magazines.
    13. Chris Shaw

    14. Chris Shaw

      Name: Chris Shaw Callsign: K13W Training Completed By: Chadd List all Pub Slot Inductions you have done: AustrianTrapLord, Number3Policeman, MadRassay, KenyanWarlord, Daniel Hussein, Jasezr, Osman, Ethandude, Flamevein, William, DreadScythe, DonH, Thrash, KennyBoo, Billy Why do you deserve a promotion? (50 Words min): I believe I have earned a promotion to Sergeant due to me putting in time and effort attempting to improve the APD by introducing and teaching new members who have the potential to rise and demonstrate their ability as future members. I have completely dedicated myself to the APD in game completely by barely playing rebel or civilian at all, only with a few exceptions at times. I believe I can generally get along well with members within the APD and sometimes display leadership whether voluntarily taking CO when no one else wants to or cannot. With the promotion to Sergeant, working around the APD will be much easier in general (adding charges, dragging people around channels, etc.) Recently I've dedicated more time to being a CO and inducting new recruits to make it more evident that I 'deserve a promotion'. Who would recommend you for a promotion? People who react to this post with likes or hearts.
    15. Chris Shaw

      the only roleplay i engage in is getting that cash money feller
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