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    1. Truma

    2. Truma

      NO FANKU
    3. Truma

      I think you deserve such a promotion, any time I'm playing as a cop you seem to be a great leader
    4. Truma

      ya no navs please that was aids as ****
    5. Truma

      issa iffy one that one my guy
    6. Truma

      I'll get more for you when people in the gang gives me more ideas too, but I think those flashes/tear gas will be pretty good plus a gas helmet to counter it, also another interesting one is craftable RPG, from say 10 "legal" gold bars making us mine for the nuggets and making it hard to craft but would be worth for its power, as well as other hard items say hardened steel etc, tokens and so on whatever you guys think is necessary but such a weapon shouldn't be easy to craft
    7. Truma

      A good idea is also adding Tear gas/Flash grenades to crafting and gas masks to counter it but to help fight gangs posting up in a tower, obviously it could be used to troll in cities but just don't make it have an affect in a safezone, EZ.
    8. Truma

      not navids and that but takes literally no skill to use em snipers yeah but not lmgs
    9. Truma

      Crafting was hard until you got the ball rolling, when your proficient and stuff was high it literally didn't take no time at all to craft plus it was another thing in the game to do, the old crafting system was really good it seemed like I was the only one who enjoyed it.
    10. Truma

      Depending on what the dev's want but the old crafting system was great, just not sure how it would flow with the kos shop etc, I'd love to see level 5 vest's in there for sure but! Guns in the T4 range and possibly making the T5 weapons in a capture point/Kos capture shop, I don't think suppressors should be a crafting but it's debatable amongst different people, possibly scopes such as a LRPS, maybe even special purpose suits? The crafting should really be depended on how you developers want the game to be, if you want long range sniping @ banks etc bring in m320's to it or implement a different way of obtaining them, whatever we get also should be available to the SRT team such as marksmen and heavies, I don't think navids and spmgs etc shouldn't be in game because it's left click galore, but me personally would love to see sniping back in the game
    11. Truma

      ix wasn't a bot gang lol ok, go rdm some civs and get popped by rooks hahahaha
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