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    1. War Machine

      that kind of tank is really good at forested areas like the ones in Tanoa.
    2. War Machine

      So, there is a new update which was last night, I found out that or VR Arsenal is still not updated. When do you plan to update it mates?
    3. War Machine

      Looking forward to join your squad mate or any squad that wishes to be organized.
    4. War Machine

      I'll extend the poll, so far, majority of the participants that have the Apex DLC wants Tanoa...
    5. So, I've been playing World of Warcraft since 2014 and had recently took a long-ass break from it. I used to play in Molten WoW, now Warmane; which I believe is an EU server. May I ask which server are you playing? And in your server, what kind of expansion? Which faction are you?
    6. War Machine

      So, someone asked me if I could make a poll on "how many people in this community have Apex DLC?"
    7. War Machine

      So in other words, they don't like the sector control type of gameplay?... At least for me, I kind of find it interesting and unique, like it's a huge break from the well known repetitive routine of Altis.
    8. War Machine

      We all have preferences, but still; I want to know your opinion and I want to suggest something. I may not have the right to tell you this and that, but here I go. There are some of you who owns at least one DLC, right? As an owner of that particular DLC, wouldn't if feel right if you use it since you actually paid for it with actual money? As for me, I own the Apex DLC and I really want to play in Tanoa map; however, the thing is, only few people play in it despite the fact that they own the said DLC. What I'm suggesting is that, if you own the Apex DLC, I encourage you to play in Tanoa server. In doing so, it will boost the population of that server.
    9. War Machine

      I do appreciate your effort webbie as an admin of the server. I'm not really that upset about her being accused of voice changing, what really had me quite worked out is that; even though she's doing her job as medic, when she's the one who's down, everyone just don't want to deal with her because she's a kid and a girl. I could admit that I should have rephrased my comment about it though.... As a dude, I too is surprised whenever there is a female player or a kid join in the server. The thing is that, I don't look or treat them differently because for me, we are here to have fun, and as long as you are doing your part and not being annoying, we can be cool with each other and maybe laugh at the mishaps happening in ArmA 3.
    10. War Machine

    11. War Machine

      Brilliant idea mate; however, according to my research, there are some limitations. Only five accounts can access your gaming library from up to 10 different computers. You must also have an Internet connection to access shared libraries, which are shared in their entirety. Because of what Valve calls "technical limitations" and licensing agreements, not all games are available for sharing, such as those that require a subscription. A shared game can only be accessed by one person at a time, which means you still won't be able to play any games together. The account holder will have priority access to his or her games. If you decide to start playing while another user is already in one of your games, they will be given the option to buy the game or end their session.
    12. War Machine

      Why? She's not like those kids that do hotmicing and screaming and do stupid stuff intentionally. My mom and her friends assesses her as rather smart and mature for her age in comparison to her classmates which are a bit older than her.
    13. War Machine

      the problem was, she was being accused of voice changing and eventually being kicked but had returned...she really does enjoy being a medic.
    14. War Machine

      nah, she's already learning a lot of swear words from me and she was like Captain America whenever I swear: "Language!"
    15. War Machine

      So, my 11 year old sister is trying ArmA 3 and she's being accused of voice changing....SHUT THE **** UP guys I'm ought to buy her the game at 22nd of November so please be a proper gent okay....
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