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    1. Kmart and Coles

      Inspector Promotion Application Note: By placing this expression of interest you are not in-titled to Inspector and can be denied as well as issued a non-apply period of no less than 1 week. Do not bother anyone about your application, if you do it will be hidden. Name: Kmart Callsign: S01E Training Completed By: @Critters Why do you deserve a promotion? (50 Words min) Throughout my time as an officer of the APD, I have enjoyed my time serving the community and meeting new people who have made my experience as an officer great and fun. When I had first enlisted into the APD, I had little ambition, I thought as long as I get to Constable then ill be happy. But throughout my journey in the APD my ambitions have grown. I set myself goals to accomplish and strived to be the best officer I could be. I also had many trials as an officer, one being taking CO. I was quite nervous with taking CO and always did my best to avoid it. But thanks to some of my fellow officers I have learnt not to be nervous whilst being CO and have grown better at it as time went on. I have put in my best when it came to training lower ranking officers as well, and I have learnt that I enjoy helping other officers by using my time to train them and help them. I have put in countless amounts of hours into the APD, using that time to serve the community of Altis, helping other officers who need training or are struggling, and also socialising with the people of Altis. Being promoted to Inspector would give me the opportunity to help others by having the ability to promote, and to also discipline to a greater extent than gate duty if someone is in fault and needs correction. With the promotion to Inspector I would be able to become Academy qualified and help Academy with tasks such as documentation and trainings. I would be able to add recruits to the database as I am quite active on the discord and forums. I would also be a greater role model to the lower ranks as I am a very approachable person and would help them with whatever problems they have. Thank you for giving your time to read through my Application Who would recommend you for a promotion? @Skyfise @[email protected]@[email protected]@Nuu [email protected]@Michael [email protected] [email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected] [email protected] @Jarrod cake @Chadd and anyone else who would like to leave a thumps up or a heart
    2. Kmart and Coles

      Problem when buying vehicle

      It appears that when I go to buy vehicles from the air shop or any store then the night vision goggles are active, even when I don't have them on it does this. Evidence- https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1565414933
    3. Kmart and Coles

    4. Kmart and Coles

      People are saying the reason theres no one on is because of exams. Yeah I guess that's the reason for SOME people. But theres something obviously wrong when all the big gangs and some cops go to another server. In order for the server to have a complete revive is to go back to its former self. The new server just doesn't feel right. One thing that NEEDS to come back is Sydney. Sydney was the reason a lot of people played on the server. although it was cancerous and there was trolling, it was what made straya fun for some people and it was an amazing place to talk with others and socialise. In Sydney there would always be people there, market would be flooded with people and it was so much fun. In Brisbane, there may be like 3 or 4 civs and they just stood there. GD was also the way it should've been in Sydney. GD stayed in city limits and dealt with civilians whilst SRT would fight rebels outside city limits. Now GD are the ones fighting rebels, because we are forced to leave and go out because Brisbane is so small and no ones there. Another reason people are leaving is because rebels have nothing to do. Rebels can rob a bank and that's about it. They cant camp drug fields or anything because they don't like killing random civies. Gangs had their fun with fighting SRT outside city limits, but now its just them versing GD, and GD are well equipped for fighting rebels when theyre on their basic patrols. Point is, Sydney needs to come back and there should be more things for rebels and civilians to do. Please bring Sydney back
    5. Kmart and Coles

    6. Kmart and Coles

      Yeah I completely agree. I miss Sydney, although it was an RDM fest, and there was lots of trolling, it was still such an amazing city to be in. Sydney was where I met a lot of people, whether it was patrolling as a cop, or sitting around SYD bridge with randoms and talked. Ever since the new wipe, I haven't been talking to many civilians, in Sydney you could be ANYWHERE and there would be someone to talk to, the only time I talk to civies now are when they are at PD or if im processing them. Yeah the wipe was good, it spread everyone out and stopped the trolling, but I feel like the wipe really took the fun out of Straya. I find myself taking more breaks now because I get bored on GD as there are not many people to interact with anymore, everyone is all over the place. If I was to change something, I would've changed it so that the money wipe went ahead like it did, but I woudlve kept Sydney as a spawnable place for both cops and civs. I know the narrative and all says Sydney is now an abbondended city, but I would love it to be introduced again eventually.
    7. Kmart and Coles

      Michael Phelps has been a dedicated and great officer of the APD. His commanding skills are good and knows how to be strict but just. Michael will be a great Sergeant that lower ranks will easily be able to approach with their problems or issues. +1
    8. Robert Hill has been an exemplary officer of the APD. His dedication is clearly shown in his work with in Academy. He puts in a substantial amount of effort into training new officers and enlisting them into the APD. The APD would benefit greatly with Robert Hill's promotion to Senior Sergeant +1
    9. Kmart and Coles

      @Jo_ Alright first up, this is no where near corruption. Corruption would be Farmer adding more charges that he didn’t even do to his wanted level to get more money. But if everything was fine and he arrested your friend, I see no problem. He gave your friend a shorter sentence which is what you should want when you get arrested. But no your friend wants to stay longer so he can break out, keep his wanted level and look like a cool kid to all the other gangs lol. In my opinion it’s just pathetic, there was no corruption in this case and it’s literally just you guys being salty cause your friend got sent for only 7 years. And Alt F4ing makes yourself and your gang look really bad just btw. All just to keep a bounty and look cool to other gangs lol, once again it’s just stupid. Also, using the excuse of that he wasn’t in roleplay, is a terrible excuse to disconnect and keep his bounty. If you get caught by cops, just deal with it and don’t get angry at them for doing their job of arresting criminals.
    10. Kmart and Coles

      I think the deposit should be quite high to make sure people don't **** around with it, and then a large sum of cash for reward.
    11. Kmart and Coles

      I love the idea of doing a delivery mission in a Helicopter or a blackfish. There could be different types of deliveries. Short quick and cheap ones which would be done in a Hummingbird. Medium distance ones in a Mohawk or a Huron, higher pay. Then also longer trip across the whole map maybe in a Blackfish, and then that could get a very high payment. I feel that air delivery missions would make delivery missions a lot more fun and enjoyable, doesn’t have to be exactly how I said, obviously there would be issues but can easily work around those problems
    12. Kmart and Coles

      Although I did not know you too well, I definitely knew that you were a caring and amazing person to be around. We thank you for everything you have done for this community and I wish you the best in your future endeavours and I know you will achieve greatness in your life ahead of you. You will be missed
    13. Kmart and Coles

      Evo has shown great skills and capabilities in taking CO and managing units on GD. He will be a great Sergeant and I strongly recommend him for the promotion +1
    14. Kmart and Coles

      Hes just trying to be a kool kid, give him a break nuu
    15. Kmart and Coles

      Ash has been an absolutely great asset to the APD and to GD. He's always willing to take CO and commands GD wonderfully. He's dedication is also shown in how many trainings he completes, he is also willing to train any officer below him, whoever they are. Ash is a great role model to lower ranking officers and he will be able to extend his leadership skills by being promoted to Inspector. Strongly recommend him for a promotion.
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