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    1. Dredal

      With a farewell message like this, I'm surprised people even care you're leaving. Don't name and shame if you ever do something like this again, it just makes you look stupid.
    2. Dredal

      We need some way to access high tier guns because there's never 40 civilians online.
    3. Dredal

    4. Dredal

      Everything we had previously, but without taking 2 days to craft a weapon.
    5. Dredal

      @'ing Red won't solve anything, I think he's fully aware of what's happening.
    6. Dredal

    7. Dredal

      don't bother watching 10 minutes of helisniping guys, the 1:30 videos are where its at
    8. Dredal

      Name: Dredal Steam 64 ID (If Blacklisted): Date of Disciplinary Action: 4/11/2018 What Disciplinary Action was placed against you: 24 hour taser probation. Who were you Disciplined by: Mitch Reason for Disciplinary Action against you: Big Kev shot at my feet, I asked Mitch for permission to shoot. Mitch granted permission so I shot 1 bullet, that one bullet killed Kev. Why the appeal should be accepted: [50 Words] I honestly don't understand how I am in the wrong, I asked for permission and Mitch granted, I didn't intend for that one bullet to kill Kev. I messaged Kev apologising and asking how much his gear set was to compensate but I didn't get a response. I think this disciplinary action is unjust and it ruins any chance of a promotion in the next week which I don't see fair. Any other information:
    9. Dredal

      The lengths that a salty civilian will go to just to get some revenge, complaining about a less of a punishment is a new one to me.
    10. Sergeant Expression of Interest Note: By placing this expression of interest you are not in-titled to Sergeant and can be denied as well as issued a non-apply period of no less than 1 week. Do not bother anyone about your application, if you do it will be hidden. Name: Dredal Callsign: [K23W] Training Completed By: Cougs List all Pub Slot Inductions you have done: Rackers, Leo, Andrey82, Dreadorvic, Spike, Ygamia, Anthony Gray. Why do you deserve a promotion? I believe that I deserve a promotion because I've experienced and got familiar with the responsibilities that come with Senior Constable. I actively seek out to be the Commanding Officer and with this be a good role model for the lower ranking officers. I feel as though I deserve it due to my ability to command and work under pressure, I take cop extremely seriously and wouldn't want to let a team down. Who would recommend you for a promotion?
    11. Dredal

      This is what we need, police officers and civilians working together and engaging in friendly roleplay which will help new civilians adapt and stay in the community, huge props to you and everyone involved in the roleplay.
    12. The money you receive now is actually something to look forward to, you should hop back on and give it a go.
    13. Dredal

      I believe it was removed due to duping but don’t take my word on it, I loved this feature and would kill to see it once again. +1
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