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    1. Big Kev

    2. Big Kev

      @Jewbacca Good. But I'm still coming to take your mailbox.
    3. Big Kev

      If cops are breaking SOP's get a video of It and take it to police command lobby or put a complaint form in.
    4. Big Kev

      //Accepted\\ Come see cabinet for the removal of your tags
    5. Big Kev

      You got one with Sydney Bridge?
    6. Big Kev

      //Denied\\ 9.6 Officers must prioritize using spike strips instead of their firearms when disabling vehicles unless the occupants are hostile.
    7. Big Kev

    8. Big Kev

      //denied\\ There's no point in trying.
    9. Big Kev

    10. Big Kev

      1. Striders are the work of a 10-year-old, 90% of people wanted them gone off the server and they should never come back. 2. Oh my, I'm brain dead at pvp what gun can I buy to hold down the mouse 1 button oh look it's a navid epic gamer kills. "I can just tell the community obviously want striders? don't see the problem why can't they have striders? " it should say [I can just tell the community doesn't want striders back! please don't ad them]
    11. Big Kev

      //Accepted\\ Come see the command team for your tags
    12. Big Kev

      //Accepted\\ Come see the command team for your tags
    13. Big Kev

      //Accepted\\ Come see the command team for your tags
    14. Big Kev

      APD Complaint Form
    15. Big Kev

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