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    1. Mann

      Turn off the mic... + you can always mute the "Harassers"
    2. Mann

      For once the minigun being used in an effective manner.
    3. Mann

      Every now and then during an AO, a random friendly Panther spawns with a full AI crew and usually heads to the AO. First 3 screenshots are from yesterday and the last one was from today. The Panther has CSAT camo which has led me to believe maybe it spawns in for the wrong side. I've seen this Panther many times.
    4. Mann

      Since I have nothing better to do, there was this other time... 2 man tank crew (Persona and I) in a Rhino Decided to do POW rescue mission Shredded Infantry from a distance Found enemy trucks displaying the POW's rough location Decided to drive along the road containing enemy trucks "Hey Persona, can you see that guy on the balcony up ahead?" "One moment" *Sprays the balcony with .338* "The POW has been killed!" notification shows up "MANN!" "I didn't know he was on the balcony!" Drive up towards house to find dead POW who happened to be hiding behind an enemy Persona unleashes his fury upon all civilians in the town Persona starts a mass genocide of civilians in the town whilst with a pure evil laugh for at least a minute Chat is flooded with "Persona non Grata has killed a civilian!" 9/10 would kill civies again
    5. Mann

      There was one time when I witnessed M9 crash into an ATC tower in a jet...
    6. Mann

      At times, it seems random panthers with a full AI crew spawn outside the AO (Second Image shows a random panther with AI crew at Oreokastro)
    7. Mann

      We are now in this war. We are all in it, all the way.
    8. Mann

      We need to land this missile in the ocean
    9. Mann

      I'm pretty sure that I&A was never about being some Rambo-Ned Kelly hybrid running around an AO gunning down squads of enemies with ease. I&A wasn't made for this particular play style. This then improves team play within I&A and, anyway you are a NATO soldier, not a CSAT soldier. You shouldn't be running around an AO in CSAT gear for as you are NATO An Autorifleman isn't supposed to be using normal assault or marksman rifles... Not everyone is in the same group, meaning that not everyone that is friendly will have the blue polygon. Sometimes the friendly tags don't show up at times and If the "shooter" is looking at someone with Guerrilla or CSAT gear (mainly fatigues) will often get shot because of their clothing choice if the friendly tag doesn't show up.
    10. Mann

      I've messed around with prisoner taking and the new tweaks are definitely a major improvement. Thank you Fitz for these new changes.
    11. Mann

      Nice, I'll check out the tweaks tomorrow and tell what I think
    12. Mann

      In SQUAD we trust
    13. Mann

      The issue then is that enemy jets don't spawn constantly so a majority of their time is wasted on waiting for an enemy jet to spawn. I'm pretty sure it isn't Infantry based
    14. Mann

      I bet I can throw a grenade through that window
    15. Mann

      I can imagine the tanks cleansing the AO in seconds if the only significant threat is AT squads.
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