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    • Your settings are fairly basic and seem to be normal settings, i have almost the same set up as you and i cant run the settings you have at all, when playing altis life i have everything fairly low expect view distance and things that affect the game dramatically, Yet i still get really bad stuttering, and a contant times where the frames go from solid 60 to stuttering from 0 - 20 without even moving a inch or anything happening in the view, then randomly the frames go back to 60.   Arma 3 is so bad when it comes to optimisation, really surprised they haven't made major jumps to fix it.   I also get issues when i shoot or zoom in, i get freezing and frame drops for the first couple shots.   When i spawn into Altis Life i get 20 frames for about 5 minutes before getting kicked from the server, this normally happens 2 or 3 times before i spawn in and get 60 frames and i dont get kicked, its annoying.    Of course going into any city/town big or small i get frame drops and lag, meaning fighting inside a city puts me into a very handy capped situation where i can only shoot from a distance at slow/still targets, Neri and Westpac are almost impossible to complete without my game freezing or stuttering at 0 - 20 frames for at least 5 minutes.    I recommend changing a lot from that list:   GENERAL: Sampling 100% Cloud Minimal/Off (Useless and it gives you a little bit of frame boost (1 or 2) PIP lowest or standard Shadows is really up to you, if you care about performance over looks go for 100 or lower, to me shadows have little impact when it comes to a normal shootout. Dynamic Lights, Again same as Shadows, the lower the better framerate wise. Water reflection, its really the same as the 2 above, looks nice but doesn't help frames, and helps nothing when it comes to fighting. DISPLAY: Vsync doesn't hurt, not a big issue tho. AA & PP: Bloom off, affects too much and only makes the game look good yet gets annoying as hell after a while, and doesn't help the frames AT ALL. Radial Blur, again off, doesn't help when it comes to, anything. Rotational Blur, same as above, annoying and helps nothing. the Antialising i dont know enough about to make a educated choice so find that out from someone else.   A lot of what i said is for performance on a low grade PC (960's or lower) that runs the game like crap.
    • Dam never heard of that, will most likely give it a try as I'm running a i7 4790K, 32GB ram and MSI 970. I roughly get around 80FPS on Atlis life, ultra settings... Would love to push my i7 more, so will see if your right soon.  
    • My specs are pretty bad but not the worst of the worst but the CPU is an i5 4590k, 16GB Ram, MSI 960 4GB. Btw I will be sure to test these settings out tomorrow and let you know if I get a better outcome or not. But as of the sampling it hasnt effected my fps as it feels im now getting better fps as I was told by an dak commstar a lot of invaid and annex members have it at 125% and get better fps as it changes from gpu to cpu in some order (be sure to correct me if otherwise).
    • A couple of recommended adjustments  - Turn sampling down to 100% - Turn PIP down to Standard  - Turn Terrain up to Very High - Turn Shadows down to 100 Not my settings but will most likely make an in depth guide in the future.  Also what specs are you running?
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