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      • This would be difficult if impossible to enforce. This is due to the lowest ranking officers (the up to 4 non-whitelisted recruits) being issued only with non-lethal weapons (taser pistol and Taser Rifle). So you're asking us as cops to not allow them into a combat zone, despite from what you've said them being the ones to stop you at great risks to themselves? The logistics of it makes it difficult as each of these recruits is partnered with a whitelisted officer armed with lethal weapons, so that's 8 officers you want to keep out of combat or delay their arrival until they drop the recruit back at PD? Sounds like those recruits deserve Commissioner's Commendations, not to be punished by a change to the ruleset to not allow them to take part in firefights. -Superintendent SOB, GD Commander.
      • Mitch is 100% correct I dont know about you but i dont think you've played rebel enough to know that 7.62 is all you need to win a fed look at SP for example they won "nearly" every fed and bank they did with what you can get right now so as Mitch said learn and win. 
      • I mean I mainly play rebel, and I for one can say, cops are not 'OP'.  Rebeles- there are more get to defend at bank ect (it's much easier....) all rebels can get 7.62, only a handful of cops can.--- same deal with striders when push comes to shove they are pretty even, if you keep get rekt by cops maybe your just not the best at Arma man. No flame 
      • Mitch your response is terrible, please don't try voice your opinion in that manner again as it is completely false and you have probably most likely never played as a rebel in a gang. I myself have 13 Mill which is not poor at all, It should be enough money for me to buy a heavy powered gun seeing as we are buying shit from the black market? Buying a mk18 from a black market is like only being allowed to buy salad at mcdonalds. The cops have it way better than we do and everyone will voice their opinions when they are up in the morning. You can't say that we're fair when you are running around at night with thermal vision and a .308 Mar 10 hahaha. Pathetic. Fix this.  
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