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      • G'day Mate The names Martin Welcome to the community we hope you enjoy your stay.
      • How should you go about making weed once you have purchsed the license?
      • Hello Guys. About me: I am a 16 year old Singaporean Kid who is currently studying year 1 Bachelor of Commerce in UNSW. I live in sydney with my twin brother and my mum. We have been staying here for quite a long time now. Oh yea.. I have a twin brother who plays Arma 3 with me and his ingame name is Pussboy... Weird name.. Anyways, I used to be a World of Warcraft Addict as i was wasting my time playing World Of Warcraft for 6 years. I later on moved on to explore more games and found Garrys Mod. I have around 1700 hours In Garrys Mod and 1400 hours in only 1 dedicated server GGS.SX. I started as a minge in a new Roleplay Community and started to learn the rules and etc. The gamemode is called Santos RP and its very similar to Altis Life. I started to rank up as a Police Officer and as a Moderator really fast and soon enough, I was balancing 3 roles as a Manager, Commissioner and as the acting leader of the biggest gang in the server. I am great at multi tasking. Then, recently most of my staff members from GGS started playing Arma 3-Altis Life and thats when i decided to move on to Straya Gaming. Anyone on the Salakau Family is from GGS. Haha.. I am bringing more friends to play this in community as long as it is non-toxic. I hope i would have a great time here.
      • Hey Zombine45
        I also agree that there seems to be no real advantage to activating an FOB, as no one seems to use it.  I like the idea of those changes you have suggested with the arsenal crate, medical crate. Maybe couple of arsenal crates to save on congestion of players during resupply, which would make the FOBs more active than they are now. I actually like the different trucks for those supplies, but that is just me. But it would make it easier to setup the base, if you didn't have to get 6 trucks/creates to that base. Using supporting AI does help, but they can be ok one day, (following you with no problems) then completely stupid the next. (like I had yesterday, and Auscaliber joined me and helped me out)  But I did manage a single supply run with 5 AI & Me to the FOB the other day. I also believe that you should be rewarded for setting up the FOB, on the leaderboard. (Being selfish here, as I've become more interested in this (and side missions), then the main AO’s) I had some other Ideas: I like the addition of bandit squads attacking the FOB, but can the squads increase depending on the number of players in the area? And can they include AA? That would make it interesting…  Also side missions for logistic runs to the FOB could be something that would be nice to add and we could do. Having enemy squads (with AT and AA) spawn in towns close to or heading to the base would get more players interested in it.  Any other players have some ideas too? And is it possible to move the discussion posts above about the FOB Names, to the other thread that was started about that in the forum?
      • In my opinion NOTHING will ever compare to this.   This made me genuinely lose it.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qSeKjRClQhU
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