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      • Just a couple of left overs I had to get rid of, be prepared for better content in the near future!
      • I think one of the main reasons that people turn rebel is that they want to kill cops and feel like they're in an episode of Cops.  This will always be unavoidable. The other main reason is because people can't find a good way of making solid money. I did some thinking, and came up with some really cool suggestions and ideas about how we can make money without just blasting everyone and anyone they come across.   -Alcohol Distilling (Brew your own Beer , Vodka or Whiskey , keep it for yourself, your mates, or sell it for profit) *Legal- High Profit -Archaeology (Travel around the island looking for uncommon / rare / super-rare items in very hard to find places. Dig them up and sell them) *Legal - Avg - Extremely high profit (Note, this one is more like a 'lucky dip, Indiana jones' kinda thing. Some artefacts might only sell for 40-50k. Some might sell for $1-2 mil. It gives people the incentive to actually go hunting. No risk) -Poach rare / endangered fish or other animals and sell for profit (Would encourage more maritime / water-based RP) *Illegal - High Profit -People Smuggling (Use large trucks to smuggle 'people' (AI in dirty clothes) from one point of the map to another for a large profit.) - *Illegal - Very High Profit   This will help give civvies and people a lot more options for RP - and also allow off-duty cops a way of chilling out an making money in more legal ways.  @True_Blue @Brad @Roger Purple 
      • Even then side of a hummingbird or hellcat
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