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      "Lee died at the age of 95 at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, California, on November 12, 2018, after being rushed there in a medical emergency earlier in the day." A brief moment of silence and some F's in the comments for our fallen hero who made comics into what they are today.
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      i wish i could leave but they offered me snickerbar
    5. Rezah

      yer sure
    6. Name: iamjack Callsign: [K15W] ================================================ Training Completed By: Inducted by .diz on 27/07/2018 Senior Constable Training done by Ash on 25/09/2018 Senior Detective Training done by MBolt5 on 03/11/2018 ================================================ List all Pub Slot Inductions you have done: Jayden on 26/09/2018 Zoob on 28/09/2018 Ryan on 8/10/2018 Nathan on 8/10/2018 Jerry Eichenvok on 17/10/2018 Greenery on 5/11/2018 Xeon on 5/11/2018 Flynn on 11/11/2018 ================================================ Why do you deserve a promotion? (50 Words min) First of all, I am able to play at late night Australia-Time due to my Hong Kong Time Zone ( 3 Hours behind Aussie Time ) , as many players in Altislife already know me as a late-night medic that rescue people in the middle of the night where no other medic was on, same thing can be applied on police force. I would be able to move pub-slot cop into LAC and do induction with them while most of the cop are offline, as well as putting charges into database. Pubby got stuck in police lobby and no officer or admin to drag them into LAC actually happen more frequent then you guys think. Second, i have been playing medic for long time, i know how EMS works aswell as APD and i can bring a balance between medic and cops. Conflict between cop and ems usually due to misunderstanding and lack of communication between each other. By having a guy who knows both side, can significantly reduce the chance of having conflict. Also, improving the relationship between cop and ems is the reason why i join the cop force at the very beginning. Third, i have a clean record, i have zero ban, i never abused my power while being cop or ems, i don't really play civ at all, i spent all my time between cop and ems, i have zero relationship with all existing gangs, and i don't make drama, people in this server generally like me, even though we are on different side of faction. and then, i am a senior detective, i am able to handle highly sensitive information without leaking it to anyone other than the one who need to know. I know the map of altis pretty well due to my work nature and i am polair trained. i am not a professional combat heli pilot, but i got hundreds of heli operation hours in my pocket. I also have been specially trained to deal with hostage , airdrop and drug shipment situation and would be handy when needed. But yeah, i know i am not the best English speaking person in the server, but i believe my ability of problem solving, quick learning skill and never give up altitude should be able to compensate for my language barrier. ================================================ Who would recommend you for a promotion? [O43W] Maverick @Maverick Jack has been an amazing Senior Constable. And I think he is ready to move up to a sergeant. He has shown great dedication toward the APD, and has helped many officers and Pubs including me. By letting Jack be sergeant, I can see a bright future for the APD Pubslot & [SRP-420] Xeon [S&R] @Xeon As he has demonstrated in his text above, I believe Iamjack is a dependable and trustworthy individual. I've had many shifts with him late night as medic and am witness to him being well received by others with no affiliation to criminals or their affairs. Iamjack has an impeccable understanding of how to avoid revealing sensitive intelligence without raising suspicion that he holds such information, it appears he has the skills it takes to safeguard any information given to him, intelligence or otherwise. I have never witnessed Iamjack abuse his position, he takes his role seriously in what ever activity he undertakes. Having a late night officer of a senior position would do well to stem potential pub slot abuse through a lack of understanding based upon no one being able to direct them at those late night and early morning times. [S02E] Ash - @Ash Can’t wait for Sergeant Iamjack 1. For this wonderful google survey sheet 2. For your great activity 3. Great attitude towards the cop force 4. Greatat inductions(you don’t rush through them) [S11E] Skyfise - @Skyfise Dedicated member of the APD - Surperior paramedic [S14E] Jdawgz - @JdawgZ Put me as a recommendation on the forum - one of my fav SRP im losing to cops [Retired] Zarco - @Zarco Because he is jack [O38W] Daniel Wallace - i feel like iamjack is very capable of holding a position like this, and i am definitely not opposed to him having it. i think if he were to attain the sergeant rank, it'd be beneficial for everyone [O3OW] IceyTundra - @IceyTundra He’s a lad and a good cop [K29W] S.Det.UncleToby - @Uncle Toby Because he is a ****ing legend mate. - If someone says no they are omega gey [O13W] Michael - @MichaelCause hes a lad and is very responsible and will help out the community he is why is started being a cop as i saw him play and the quality roleplay from him and it is clear his dedication towards the cop force , defiantly should be promoted . Jo No.1 blacklisted officer - Jacks a cool kid - I’m blacklisted probably don’t use me [O21W] Jacktank - @Jacktank Lad and activate - His on during times most cops aren't so he will be a good night sgt [K09W] Wolf - @Wolf. iamjack has proven his ability as both a medic and as a cop + detective on the server both around me and other members of the APD. In addition the predicament of his time zone means that there can be a Sergeant+ on at late nights to do things while everyone else is asleep. - Wolf [K03W] Fegget - @Fegget he is a good officer of the apd he shows dedication towards whatever he is tasked with and is a good bloke [Z22B] Nick D - He is a well taught cop, has self respect, is easy to talk to when in doubt of something and is a great asset to the APD [K14W] Dandoo - @Dando Because I think he is keen to learn and have a great time while doing it. I personally helped him with some of these things and he had full confidence to ask for help so I know he wont fail at his jobs even when he has doubts. [S27E] SilentKiller - @silentkiller He is a good bloke, who is hardworking within the APD and extension detectives [O32W] Home - @Home In my time in the Apd , I have seen Iamjack do a lot for the community of Altis. He is always available to help someone when In need. He has never abused his rank against anyone else in both medic and police force. I believe he deserves this promotion, his dedication is certainly better than others in the apd. - He is a very nice officer of the law, he will greatly appreciate the apd if they decide to account his promotion application along with other officers [S13E] Bodyboarder - @bodyboarder2528 he is skilled and well informed of the rules and i have had no issues with him on GD [S01E] Kmart - @Kmart and Coles He has shown great dedication to the APD. He does a lot of inductions which shows his commitment to the APD and to helping new recruits. He is also a very trustworthy officer to have my your side and you can always have a nice chat with him. I highly recommend for the promotion. He would make a great Sergeant. [K19W]S.Det.Evo - @Evo766 Jack applies himself very well in every way towards the detective division and shows a positive attitude towards Gd and detective related activities. I think Jack will be a great Sergeant. VirtualSeahorse - @Virtual_SeahorseJack is always helping people in the TS when I join as a pub-slot, and is always giving good feedback/ positive comments on topics. He has been a Senior Constable for some time and has shown that he can handle his attitude, responsibilities and maintain his maturity which intern, is what someone in a Sergeant role would required. I would like to see Jack in a higher role, and believe he has great potential in the APD. ================================================ I know the server is having a bit of rough time right now , i am going to put my application right now, just to show my faith toward to this server.
    7. Skyfise

      // ACCEPTED @RagingSniper55 Welcome to the APD! As a new officer you will be placed on a 1 week taser probation where you may not break Protocols and must use a Taser rifle for that one week starting on the 12/11/2018 It can take up to 48 hours to be whitelisted to your new rank on Altis Life. Academy Manager - Skyfise
    8. webbie

      and maybe a big virtual arrow that says these are what pads look like!
    9. Chadd

      will you give them to us before u row your boat away?
    10. Jo_

      Name on Blacklist (Found in the roster Database): Jo_ Rank: Resigned Badge Number (If applicable): Was 104 Reason for being blacklisted (If unknown, write what is written in the database): Abusing farmer George (after I had resigned) Why did you do what you did: Cause I dislike him Why should you be allowed back, given what you did (Min 75 words): I should be allowed back because of the reason I was blacklisted for was a really shitty reason and at the time I wasn't even a medic so why should I get a punishment on medic for something that completely unrelated to medic. I feel like that fact that I got a one day was fair enough. I know this is under 75 words but **** it What can you bring back to the APS (Min 100 words): Nothing, not coming back just looks shit on Rubio tbh.
    11. pkisbest

      Could we get some permanent markers for Pads 1, 2 and 3? Just so most of us don't sound like broken records as we repeat it for every new pilot.
    12. Rezah

      yer there done but not apart of graphics no more
    13. Red

      People are still talking shit about Mitch? Mitch is one of only two staff members that have been removed from staff and decided to improve on themselves instead of throwing a fit. He proved to everyone that he is capable of fulfiling the role of a moderator and senior moderator in addition to assisting Augnov in the running of the police force. I really don't know what more you are expecting from him. Saying that he is disliked doesn't really mean anything to me, he listens the opinions and suggestions of other players both on the forums and within teamspeak, he responds appropriately to most issues when he can, he tries assist players with questions they have. There was no 'sucking up' there was only effort, passion, and persistence. Mitch has put in an extreme amount effort to every position he has been placed in, constantly trying to get the most out of the opportunities that are put before him. Your attempt to discredit him and our other staff is appalling, you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about.
    14. Dredal

      With a farewell message like this, I'm surprised people even care you're leaving. Don't name and shame if you ever do something like this again, it just makes you look stupid.
    15. Nuu Rushean

      Name: Blainey Player ID: 76561198125633509 Date of Disciplinary Action: 22/07/18 What Disciplinary Action was placed against you: Permanent Detective Blacklist Who were you Disciplined by: Aug-Nov / Mitch Reason for Disciplinary Action against you: Playing on Rebel without taking a day of leave. Why the appeal should be accepted: I believe I should not be blacklisted from Detective because the punishment I was given did not match the punishments that are listed in the Detective Protocols. And because I was not punished the same as another Detective who previously did the same thing earlier. About one week before my punishment was handed out, another Detective was found to be playing in a rebel gang without taking leave, he was punished for it however he was simply just given a warning and given some restrictions on what Detective Ops he could do for a week, then a day or two later he was caught again playing rebel without leave, still not even a blacklist for him though, he was just kicked from Detectives and given a demotion from his APD Rank, he was then blacklisted after he leaked the Detective Database to his gang members. I don't understand why am I being given the same punishment as someone who played on rebel without leave twice even after being punished the first time and leaking the Detective Database to an entire gang. This is not me trying to get back into detectives right now, I am however wanting to have the opportunity in the future. It is also not me trying to avoid or undermine what I did wrong, I fully understand that what I did was wrong however I do not believe it is worth what I got. Any other information: I did not make another account to avoid being caught, I had the second account beforehand and I wanted to put it to use while also having a completely different account with no money and items. Hopefully, you can believe that seeing as I have been honest with everything so far. Previous appeal was denied, told to Re-appeal in 2 months.
    16. James32

      Odd that people like to claim people sucked for a promotion instead of accepting they just did more/better work than other people
    17. Chadd

      did you at least finish the srt skins or what
    18. Nova

      another "im leaving" post. instead of posting about it just leave? you ****s really that desperate for attention?
    19. Jereleet

      Could you check my stats? Want to see where I'm tracking. Cheers,
    20. I'm putting this here in the hopes that new players to the server see it and adapt accordingly. I know the title is Blufor specific, but new players on all sides can benefit from this. In recent weeks I've been playing a lot more Blufor to try and counter the stack somewhat. What I've found is that, all the new players to the server, generally end up on Blufor as Opfor is full and new players tend to not want to be Indi as they don't know anyone (cause they're new). We've had a lot of new players come through wasteland over the last 2 months. These new players are often just as good, if not better, than the Opfor regulars and the Indi elites, but they find themselves ungrouped, outnumbered and outgunned. Which ends up in them being overwhelmed. They often don't know how to or don't pay attention to the written side/global chats. So I'll make my way over to them and walk them through how to join group, over direct voice chat. 9 times out of 10, this works, and they join group and instantly become more effective on the battlefield. However I'm finding I'm having to do this 6 - 7 times every session when I play Blufor. Which is fine, I don't mind showing new players the ropes, but it does eat up time and puts my side at a disadvantage. Not to mention the obvious danger of giving away your position whilst having a chat in direct voice chat. There is a small group of dedicated Blufor players that are generally grouping up, but there's always a lot of first timers, or new players on Blufor. If this sounds like you, then read on. So, new Blufor players, if you read this, please follow these steps when you join wasteland if you are interested in grouping up with your fellow Bluforers: 1. Press the tilde key (looks like this ` or this ~), its under the escape key and next to the number 1 key. 2. Click on the group management button. 3. Either accept any pending group invites, or if none are there, start inviting your team to group up. 4. Dominate the server. Once in a group, you can benefit from group channel voice chat (use the <> bracket keys to change chat channels and hold caps lock to voice or press / to type), instantaneous positional pings (by pressing shift+T) and better co-ordination. Not to mention the small benefits the group leader gets in terms of information on group makeup (both classes and current vehicles). In the instances where I've been able to get a medium sized Blufor group together, we've done well and it has been, pretty much a level playing field with Opfor and Indie's. I'll continue to play on Blufor in the hopes of keeping this momentum going, just hoping that some new players might check here for info and catch this. Stay leet.
    21. Tino1113

      // PENDING REFERRALS @Chris Shaw, @Kmart and Coles, @Dredal, @Sir Harry, @Jot, @Michael Phelps & @AetherWorlds Please confirm your referral(s) for; @Alexander Coetzee By liking this post. Senior Academy - Robert Hill
    22. Kat.

      I feel like the basis on everyone's facts is that Altis Life is the only server hosted by the StrayaGaming community and we don't own any other servers
    23. Tino1113

      // DENIED @Batboy Unfortunately your application has been denied for one of the following reasons: 1. Application had insufficient information PLEASE RE-APPLY IN 48 HOURS For any more information please contact [S31E] Robert Hill on TeamSpeak (ts.straya.life) or Tino1113 on the Forums
    24. Tino1113

      // DENIED @russian sheep Unfortunately your application has been denied for one of the following reasons: 1. Application had insufficient information PLEASE RE-APPLY IN 1 WEEKS TIME For any more information please contact [S31E] Robert Hill on TeamSpeak (ts.straya.life) or Tino1113 on the Forums
    25. Home

      My chopper eats like lobster
    26. Uebiym

      "Dying" not dead. You can't even deny it. Look at your player numbers, they are lower then they were a year ago. And it's in a steady decline. I'm only going by graphs and facts.
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