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Creating a friendly and structured gaming experience for all levels of experience. Jump onto your favourite server and join the action right now.

Welcome to StrayaGaming Community Group. Our community was founded by our proud hard working group of determined individuals wanting to start a community based Altis life server. During our adventures in the world of gaming we have met some amazing players who now make Strayagaming what it is today.
Since then we expanded to become a successful and vibrant community that has both Australia and New Zealand players that strive to conquer various game titles, while maintaining a close and active community. We are a mature and friendly Community that believe that players should be able to play in a clean, cheat free environment.

ARMA III Servers

Wasteland, Life and Invade & Annex

3 Servers

CS:GO Servers

Jailbreak + More coming soon.

1 Server

Rust Server

Modded Rust

1 Server


Here are some images from our games. We have three different gamemodes on ARMA to suit every player type. If you would like to contribute some images please talk to a staff member

What StrayaGaming offers

We’re Unified

The StrayaGaming community may be large, but we are tight-knit and we stick together no matter what. We are civil and mature which you will strugle to find anywhere else

We're Updated.

A very important part of running gaming servers is staying up to date with server maintenance and upgrage. This ensures our members and users play optimal servers.

We're Creative

It takes a lot to be creative in this day and age and we try and bring something new to the table, as well as listening to our members suggestions.

We Care

You are the reason we are here, which means its you that drives this community to go above and beyond to develop and deploy new servers while maintaining the ones we already have

We’re responsible

As a growing community and server provider, we feel it is incredibly important to be responsible when it comes to management. If you feel we are lacking, please notify us straight away.

We're Friendly

We love all gamers. Pro, noob and casual! You mean the world to us and without you, StrayaGaming wouldn't be What it is today. So, sign up at the forums, jump on Teamspeak and join the fun.

What people say?

It has been a very long ride, with both many ups and downs, but overall it has been an amazing experience running this community. I've met some amazing people and I meet more amazing people every day I spend here, which is one of the reasons for me coming back every day.

ʝ17, founder.

What people say?

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John Doe, doodle inc.

What people say?

We strive to do our best at everything we do, make sure that our players are happy with the outcome. Without the help of our amazing staff and players, we wouldn't be the community we are today!

Tiggati, Senior Head of Operations.