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      • Ok first up to answer some of the questions posed (I won’t be answering retarded questions so don’t bother)   I am currently developing this. It will be PvPvE with missions with Retarded Zeds that tend to flock together the more that spawn making them a tad more dangerous. It will be very much survival-based meaning that you will need to start from the ground up and do the real hard yards before getting it easy. Roleplay can be incorporated but for personally I don’t care for roleplay and it should be up to each player to make that choice. Exile and 1 other mod are incorporated with the remaining being server side. I have no intention of adding anything extra because for most a couple of mods is more than enough. Licenses and rubbish won’t be added because it’s not AL. Vehicles will be obtainable of course with scarcely scattered vehicles around the map and AI vehicles that can be claimed however some will be unclaimable. Zeus is a tricky one in Exile and I won’t make any promises there. Of course, there will be the usual trolls and dead hits, but they will very quickly find themselves permanently banned. I’m sure a team of admins can be assembled that can more than deal with these issues. On Epoch it’s a fantastic mod and dev team however it was a lot more difficult to introduce people to this mod but it’s worth a thought I have run both for extended periods of time. I don’t like the idea of base raiding personally I think there’s enough shit roaming around that wants to kill you and traditionally I have always run PvE servers as I prefer a co-op environment over toxicity. PvE will be my first choice but its hasn’t been firmly established. And yes, Base building is always a core part of exile because as I said shit wants to kill you left, right and centre. PLEASE NOTE:

        The point of this poll is to gauge if Exile could be a valid server and if it would have a sustainable player base so while all the suggestion and everything is great, we need to prove that its viable before any major work is done.    
      • Manual/guide is in the works. Check the FOB tab on the map for a basic description. Yeah, if you don't have the DLC, then you'll need to drive the trucks out.
      • +1. I'd love to play a StrayaGaming Exile server and if possible help manage or develop it. 
      • Then there needs to be a manual or something on which crates to take and what about people that can fly but don't have helicopter dlc to fly the correct chopper do we have to drive them to fob
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